Marisol Valles Garcia, the bravest girl in Mexico

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Marisol Valles Garcia, just 20 year old student has decided to take the responsibility of the most feared job to become the Chief of Paxedis G Guerrero. She has become the Chief of Praxedis G Guerrero because no one else applied for the job.

Práxedis G. Guerrero is one of the most violent municipalities in the state of Chihuahua. Most of the Police officers of this particular area have been killed or abducted.

Garcia talked about the most feared job with CNN, she stated that “Yes there is fear. It’s like all human beings. There will always be fear but what we want to achieve in our municipality is tranquility and security.”

Well, the one can understand the level of fear by knowing that last week, Rito Grabo Serrano, 59 year old mayor of the city and 37 year old his son, Rogoberto Grado Villa has been killed in a house near Ciuded Juarez where they were hiding.

Another Mayor was killed in June as well. Juarez is one of the most violent cities of Mexico. Almost 2,500 people have been killed over the year due to Drug violence. According to the Government reports, 28,000 people got killed since 2006 when Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico called a war on the drug cartels.

Garcia is having a force of 13 non violent and unarmed team and mostly females are in the team.

She stated that “the weapons we have are principles and values, which are the best weapons for prevention. Our work will be pure prevention. We are not going to be doing anything else other than prevention.”

On June 1st Marisol received a call that she was getting for some time but this time that unknown man said something that made her scared.

He said we are coming to pick you up from station, there people who want to meet you. That scared Garcia a lot and she called her husband to pick their 1-year-old child.

The bravest girl in Mexico had to escape for her and her family life. She crossed Mexican border with her parents, sisters, husband and along her Child.

She said:  “I came here for the security my country cannot provide for me,” she told CNN in a recent interview. “The fear will never go away. What I experienced is a fear that will last a lifetime.”

Currently she has filed her case in US for asylum.

Marisol Valles Garcia

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