Jay Z has a Secret Son, Beyonce Knows! What is the Deal?

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Beyonce pregnant 2011 vma awardsIf Beyonce knows that hubby Jay Z has a secret son with model Shenelle Scott, then there is nothing wrong with the rumors and by the way if Beyonce knows it all then how come it is a secret son?

There is allegedly one more testimony from a closer one of Shenelle Scott who went as far as that DNA test approved that child is Jay-Z’s but there are reports that though Beyonce was livid about this secret son rumors at first but then she decided to stand by her husband.

It would have been a 100th problem for 99 problems singer Jay Z, only if Beyonce does not know the truth. It is also reported that boy resembles closely with Jay Z-then what have you not seen Arnold’s secret son pictures. He seems right the childhood of Arnold.

This secret son rumor has however caused 101 problems for the child and a site shenellescott.com also claims that he is not the Jay.Z son but despite this claim, rumors are flooding every now and then and we wonder why Children Rights Commission is declaring it a Child Abuse and human rights violation?

The good news about all this is Jay Z gave Shenelle Scott $1 million in child sport. The rumor mills should realize that such rumors will also cast a negative effect on Beyonce’s forthcoming child.

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Beyonce holds Jay Z secret Son

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