Kate Hudson Can’t Wait to find out the gender of Her Baby

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Kate Hudson already has a seven year old son Ryder from her ex-husband Chris Robinson is expecting her second but her partner Muse rocker Matt Bellamy’s first with her and as the end of her pregnancy nears The Something Borrowed actress says she is “really excited” about finding out whether she is having a boy or girl and what the baby looks like.

“I’m really excited. I’m not in a rush, I don’t have nerves, I’m so excited to have another baby, for our family, we are all really happy, so I can’t wait,” she furthered.

“And I’m getting to the end, so I’m like, ‘Ahhh, what is it going to be, who is it, is it going to come out screaming, is it going to come out quiet, is it going to have eyes open, is it going to be shut, is it going to have hair?’ ”

32 year actress is as excited as always talking about her pregnancy with her star mother Goldie Hawn and she forces Goldie for some word of advice on pregnancy. She said, “I always go to my mom. Always. I talk to her about five times a day. My mom and I are constantly texting, constantly sending funny pictures; we have a very good relationship.”

Kate recently confined that her son Ryder thinks that he is having a sister, but Hudson said that she feels it like a girl but cannot go for sure.


Kate Hudson; the Sex of Her Baby

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