Top 5 worst celebrity moustaches

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Moustache is obviously adds power to man’s personality but in the showbiz world and even in business circles, we less witness the men with moustaches. Most of the men are found clean shaved (with no moustache and beard). Well, the clean shave look without any doubt is the symbol of neatness but many a time the men with moustache and even with moustache and beard look very nice. It normally depends on the personality. Here we compile the worst celebrity moustaches ever witnessed by their fans. Check them out.

Jamie Hyneman

The co-host of Mythbusters sports the moustache that looks like a hefty forest but he is surprised why people want to have the moustache like him (as he knows his is the worst).


John Travolta

Travolta, the most coveted star of Hollywood industry, sported the weird long moustache few years back in 2008. He soon knew that he was being made fun of it thus he went cleaning it off the face.

John Travolta Top 5 worst celebrity moustaches

Merv Hughes

The former Aussie cricketer, who was in his heydays and is still in news due to his endlessly falling bigger and thicker moustache, the cricketer knows it, nonetheless loves to sport. Weird!

Merv Hughes Top 5 worst celebrity moustaches

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson, who was well in news due to his rant and quarrel with ex-mistress Oksana, sported really ridiculous bigger moustache in 2009 that simply made a big joke.

Mel Gibson Top 5 worst celebrity moustaches

Hulk Hogan

The WWE wrestling champion Hulk Hogan has been sporting the ridiculously thick and long moustache since the outset. He made it his trademark style and continues with no matter if the people rate the worst moustache.

Hulk Hogan Top 5 worst celebrity moustaches

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