40 New Facebook Timeline Love Covers Drive you Crazy!

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Facebook Timeline covers are in demand since the time Facebook announced giving every user page a timeline cover. A timeline cover must not contain your contact number and certain such information as stipulated by Facebook timeline cover policy. You are required to keep your image in certain pixel lines and increasing demand for Facebook cover has given developers and designers to sharpen their skills through timeline cover page. What else could be more suitable than Love Cover pages for giving a new look to your page at Facebook. For this reason we have gathered a selection of 40 new Facebook timeline covers embedded in the theme of love.

1- Beyond My Control

Beyond My Control

2- Playing Card Love

Playing Card Love

3- Watermelon Love

Watermelon Love

4- Danbo’s First Love

Danbo's First Love

5- Hurted Love

Hurted Love

6- Love Puzzle

Love Puzzle

7- Happens Love

Happens Love

8- Black and White Love Collage

Black and White Love Collage

9- Two Kids In Love

Two Kids In Love

10- Cute Emo Love

Cute Emo Love

11- Cute Love

Cute Love

12- You Made Me Complete

You Made Me Complete

13- Hate Hate Hate Love

Hate Hate Hate Love

14- What Is Love?

What Is Love

15- Lipstick Love

Lipstick Love

16- Robitic Love

Robitic Love

17- Love Love Love

Love Love Love

18- Madness in Love

Madness in Love

19- Hugged By You

Hugged By You

20- Puppy Love

Puppy Love

21- Your Love is My Drug

Your Love is My Drug

22- Love in All Languages

Love in All Languages

23- Words of Love

Words of Love

24- Never Let Go

Never Let Go

25- Finger Cuddles

Finger Cuddles

26- I Love You

I Love You

27- I Still Love You

I Still Love You

28- I Love Being With You

I Love Being With You

29- I Love You Note

I Love You Note

30- There’s Only 1 Thing 2 Do

There’s Only 1 Thing 2 Do

31- Love Collage

Love Collage

32- When in Love

When in Love

33- I Need You

I Need You

34- PS I Love You

PS I Love You

35- 404 Girlfriend Not Found

404 Girlfriend Not Found

36- I’m Sorry I Love You

Im Sorry I Love You

37- True Love Never Ends

True Love Never Ends

38- Don’t Leve Me… Please

Don't Leve Me Please

39- I Love You Candy

I Love You Candy

40- Danbo Spreading Love

Danbo Spreading Love

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