Facebook to Open New York Engineering Office: How to get a job?

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Following Kourtney and Kim Takes New York, Facebook has decided to move its engineering operations to the east coast for utilizing the huge talent there.

The company website is accepting applications for jobs in its new office in New York City which will start its operations earlier next year. You may apply at facebook.com/nycjobs. Claiming, ‘New York has a strong history of innovation and is home to thousands of talented technical people, and we want them to help us solve the challenges of designing and building the next generation of Facebook.’

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was present at the press event which announced that it is going to be Facebook’s first engineering operation outside west coast. Serkan Piantino is going to head the company’s engineering office in New York. Mike Schroepfer, the vice president of engineering in Facebook, and Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook were present at the occasion.

“We are looking for the smartest folks, and after detailed analysis, the best place by a large margin was New York,” said Schroepfer.

Bloomberg proudly urged other tech companies to move to New York City. “I think you’ll find this is the best place to recruit and retain the world’s top talent,” Bloomberg said. “Don’t wait for your competitors to move here and get the best talent.”

Sen. Schumer showed his lightheartedness at the press conference, noting that both he and Bloomberg have actually met one Facebook employee “over 26.” He then glanced over at the 42-year-old Sandberg. The Facebook exec also joined in the fun. When Schumer said, “It’s hard to say that a company has changed the way we live.” Sandberg shouted from the side, “Go ahead, say it.” Schumer then continued, “but in the case of Facebook, it really has.”

Facebook to Open New York Engineering Office

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