Top 14 Upcoming Gadgets Of 2012

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2011 been a great year for gadget industry, we saw many saw amazing devices like iPhone 4s, iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy, Facebook Timeline, Google+ and many more. Now its 2012 and most of us are anxious to see what this year brings to us. Here we have collected 14 top upcoming gadgets that users have voted to see in 2012. Check these gadgets list below and if you want to see a gadget other than these, than comment below about it.


1- Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III is the most voted and expected device on our list today. Samsung Galaxy S lineup powered with Android sold around 10 million devices just in three months time.


Samsung Galaxy S III

2- Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo stays as the leader in the race of gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Son’s PS3. Nintendo Wii U is expected to be launched in March 2012 and with a better support. The features that make it more attractive are speaker, rumble, built in microphones, gyroscope, accelerator and camera with the capability to produce 1080 pixel HD graphics


Nintendo Wii U

3- MacBook Pro With Retina Display

The rumours are that Apple will launch Macbook Pro with Retina Display and a resolution of 2880×1800, which makes it more expected device for 2012. We are not sure if the rumours will succeed after Steve Jobs but fingers crossed.

MacBook Pro With Retina Display

4- IPad 3

iPad 3 stays king when it comes to the demand of this device and is expected on huge scale in 2012. There are rumors that this device will be with us in March 2012. We are hoping iPad will have better processor like Quad Core something along with better resolution.

IPad 3

5- Nokia Lumia 800

Microsoft rocked the world when it joined with Intel and now the company is have join ventured with Nokia on Windows Phones. Still the Nokia Lumia 800 was only released in U.S but most of the world has to see what it really is. With the power of Nokia and Windows things are really awesome when it comes to the usage of this device. Never the less Microsoft and Nokia are standing against Android and till now Android rocked all the way. We already know when it comes to Windows we are always were let down on performance especially on phones, let’s see if Nokia can make this better.

Nokia Lumia 800

6- Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 is the one device that is most anticipated for 2012. We were already let down when most of us were expecting to have iPhone released instead of iPhone 4s. This 2012 gadget is expected to have A5 processor chip, higher-resolution camera, iCloud service, and the screen will be 4 inch in size.

Apple iPhone 5

7- PlayStation 4

We have a confirmation from Sony for PlayStation 4 that they are working on it. We might get a sneak peek in 2012. There are lots of rumors about what not and what this device will have but what we can say is Sony will do its best to make this device stand above than others.

PlayStation 4

8- Successor To Xbox 360 (Xbox 720)

Xbox 360 can be said a device that saw success and a long life but that time is almost over. There are far better and greater products out there and the expectations on this device are far greater now. There are few reports that this device will have 8 core processor, 4K2K. live TV, webcam, Multi TV, 3D, and GPS to view other users locations on the map. There are rumors that we might see this device in 2012.

Successor To Xbox 360 (Xbox 720)

9- Quad Core Tablets And Smartphone

After the introduction of NVIDI Tegra 3 for hand held devices, the Dual Core processor tablets has been dropped in rankings.  ASUS already have introduced its ASUS Transformer Prime tablet with a Quad-Core. The speed of this device is just amazing. We are expecting to see more devices in 2012 from other vendors.

Until now, Dual-Core tablets and smart phones were the top line but not anymore. NVIDIA introduced its NVIDI Tegra 3, being the first Quad-Core processor for a hand held device. ASUS jumped on the bandwagon, and introduced its ASUS Transformer Prime, becoming the first one to develop a Quad-Core tablet. It was simply blazing fast, and other tablet and Smartphone manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba)  are now getting ready to adopt it and move on to Quad-Core. So 2012 would likely be the year of Quad-Core devices.

Quad Core Tablets And Smartphone

10- UltraBooks

We might see some UltraBooks in 2012, ASUS, Acer and Samsung, are already increasing the power of their Ultrabooks along with decreasing the weight.

More and more people are expecting to see a lighter and more powerful Ultrbooks in 2012.



11- Apple HD TV

HD-TV by Apple that is more lookout device from the tech giant. According to many sources HD-TV from Apple will come in 15 to 19 inch range along with the power of company’s mobile operating system. This TV is expected to be a fully pc like device where the user can play games, run applications, watch videos, and give you access to your social sites.


Apple HD TV

12- PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita is expected to be released in Feb-22-2012 on the price of 250$ which will seem low when you will read the rest of the details of this awesome device. After the success of PlayStation Portable which made around 89 million sales, Sony is launching PlayStation Vita. The device supports a Quad Core Processor, two analog stick, touch screen, 4-bit color with a resolution of 960×540 qHD, pixel density of 220 ppi, and a new design.

PlayStation Vita

13- Facebook Timeline

The only expectation from this new feature of Facebook is the availability to all the users. The Facebook Timeline was launched in Sep 2011 and Facebook was sued by for its trade mark. We have to see what happens but as the past shows us nothing can stop Facebook to roll out this feature to all its users.

Facebook Timeline

14- Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with some nifty features a new UI,  Windows app store and with better security. The developer preview was launched on Microsoft website which can be downloaded free.

Windows 8

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