25+ Handy and Easy to Use jQuery Plugins for Every Developer

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jQuery, the most famous JavaScript library facilitates you whether you are a developer or designer. With the help of jQuery, you would be able to develop a better featured, interactive website with a user friendly interface using few lines of code writing.

We have gathered a selection of 25+ jQuery plugins that every developer should have known about.

1- Flexible Rating

jRating is a very flexible jQuery plugin for quickly creating an Ajaxed star rating system. It is possible to configure every details from “the number of the stars” to “if the stars can represent decimals or not”.

Flexible Rating

Demo | Download

2- Quick & Easy Zooming With jQuery – Zoomy

Zoomy is a flexible zoom plugin and can be used with either, two copies of the same image, or one image linked to its self.


Demo | Download

3- Show/Hide Jquery Panel

The sliding panel works like a charm in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. I didn’t test it in IE8 yet. Let me know if it does.

Show Hide Jquery Panel

Demo | Download

4- AnythingSlider

Anything slider is lightweight jQuery plugin that more that what it looks. Great features and detailed guide on how to use it. a must use plugin.



5- jQuery Animations: A 7-Step Program

A dash of animation can spruce up a dull interface. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do it the right way with jQuery.

Site Switcher

6- Creative Radical Web Typography

We developed a lightweight, easy to use Javascript span injector for radical Web Typography, we’re calling it “lettering-jay-ess”, and we’re releasing it today for free over on Github. Let me demo it for you: </stevejobs>

Creative Radical Web Typography


7- Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview

This is a tutorial along with demo and download. An awesome way to work on jQuery.

Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview

8- Jquery Space Gallery

Again another image gallery which is lightweight and easy to use.

Jquery Space Gallery


9- Creating a Facebook-like Registration Form with JQuery

Facebook is a showcase of great UI design. And as it has become a major part of our lives, it has also raised the bar for web development, pushing developers to meet higher expectations.

Facebook-like Registration

10- Beautiful Slide Out Navigation

A complete guide on how to make a beautiful slide out Navigation in jQuery. Along with download and demo.

Beautiful Slide Out Navigation

11- Create an amazing music player using mouse gestures & hotkeys in jQuery

This is a plugin creation tutorial where you will learn how to make a juke box.

jQuery Music Player Plugin

12- Facebook Style Footer Admin Panel Part 2

Facebook Style Footer Admin Panel Part 2

13- Create a Realistic Hover Effect With jQuery

If you want to learn how to make a hover effect than this tutorial will guide you step by step.

Create a Realistic Hover Effect With jQuery

14- Jquery Inline Form Validation

When it comes to form validation, it’s hard to have a versatile solution that works with every form. Well don’t worry this tutorial along with source files will help you to make a versatile validation form in no time.

Jquery Inline Form Validation

15- jQuery Charts

jQuery Carts

16- Simple Lava Lamp Menu Tutorial with jQuery

Simple Lava Lamp Menu

17- Sprite Up the Web

Sprite Up the Web

18- Quick Feedback form with PHP and JQuery

Quick Feedback form

19- Ajax based Shopping Cart JQuery Plugin

Ajax based Shopping Cart JQuery Plugin

20- Website Tour with jQuery

Website Tour with jQuery

21- Fullscreen Gallery with Thumbnail Flip

Fullscreen Gallery with Thumbnail Flip

22- How to Make Your Own Twitter Timeline

Own Twitter Timeline

23- Twitter-like login box

Twitter-like login box

24- Shutter Effect with Canvas and jQuery

Shutter Effect with Canvas and jQuery

25- File Download with jQuery

File Download with jQuery

more info/download

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