35 Attractive, Cool and Free to Download Android Themes

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If you have purchased a Smartphone running Android then possibility is there that you are looking for some cool Android themes and applications to gain full advantage of Android.

For your convenience we have gathered a list of cool Android themes and there is no need to start off from scratch for designing your own theme. Just choose and pick one to use one of these really attractive and artistically designed themes in different colors and shades. These eye catching Android themes will never fail to enchant you.

Same is true for Android applications whether we speak of social networks or streaming applications, Android has an ocean of themes to fulfill your need and desire. The interesting factor about these themes is that several of these themes are free of cost and plenty of these free downloadable Android themes and applications is engulfed in this post where you will find 35 cool themes to download and enjoy them on your Android Smartphone.

1- Red Alert Theme

Red Alert Theme

2- Street Duel Theme

Street Duel Theme

3- LoveYouPink


4- Whimsical Theme

Whimsical Theme

5- Little worm Theme

Little worm Theme

6- MyHome Launcher

MyHome Launcher

7- Claystone Sandwich Theme

Claystone Sandwich Theme

8- The Lakers Theme

The lakers Theme

9- The Fruit in Black Deep Tree Theme

The Fruit in Black Deep Tree Theme

10- Environmental Theme

Environmental Theme

11- Street Theme

Street Theme

12- Weapons Theme

Weapons Theme

13- Blue symphony Theme

Blue symphony Theme

14- Glow square Theme

Glow square Theme

15- Ice Cream Sandwich Theme

Ice Cream Sandwich Theme

16- Iron Man Theme

Iron Man Theme

17- Ink Theme

Ink Theme

18- BBT Themes

BBT Themes

19- FreekyBlur Theme

FreekyBlur Theme

20- Android Little Big Planet Theme

Android Little Big Planet Theme

21- H1VE


22- Plus Themes

Plus Themes

23- Matte Curve ADW Theme

Matte Curve ADW Theme

24- ADWTheme Symbian

ADWTheme Symbian

25- Nexus S Gingerbread

Nexus S Gingerbread

26- Backyard Theme

Backyard Theme

27- SWG Cream Theme

SWG Cream Theme

28- Mac OS Theme

Mac OS Theme



30- Ubuntu Brown Theme

Ubuntu Brown Theme

31- Bluest Day Theme

Bluest Day Theme

32- Marine Animals Theme

Marine Animals Theme

33- Stitch Theme

Stitch Theme

34- Skull Theme

Skull Theme

35- Droid Theme

Droid Theme

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