20+ Best Creative Graphic Designer Portfolios of 2011!

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To get business first thing you need is to show your portfolio and a well designed portfolio can make good impression on your clients. As the competition for graphic designers is getting tougher day by day, one has to show his creativity and uniqueness to survive in the market. The most important things to keep in mind while designing your portfolio are, place your work correctly, Layout, your design have to be user friendly and uniqueness of your design.

Here we have collected 20 + Best Creative Graphic Designers portfolios for 2011 who catch the eye of their clients and are good for inspiration.

1- SecretPenguin

SecretPenguin Portfolios

2- BrainART

BrainART Portfolios

3- Art Attack

Art Attack

4- Info Grafixlab

Info Grafixlab Portfolios

5- Jek2k


6- Sydney Web Studio

Sydney Web Studio Portfolios

7- Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard Portfolios

8- Multiways

Multiways Portfolios

9- Bcandullo

Bcandullo Portfolios

10- Big Sweater Design

Big Sweater Design Portfolios

11- Indubitablee

Indubitablee Portfolios

12- Html5lab

Html5lab Portfolios

13- Egopop


14- Cornerd

Cornerd Portfolios

15- Erik Riccardi

Erik Riccardi Portfolios



17- Pieoneers

Pieoneers Portfolios

18- Richie P Designs

Richie P Designs Portfolios

19- Mo’s Art

Mo’s Art Portfolios

20- Deda

Deda Portfolios

21- Creativepayne

Creativepayne Portfolios

22- Jomurgel

Jomurgel Portfolios

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  1. Martha

    December 3, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Great piece of design and art collection.

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