30 Fresh & Beautiful Web Design Using JavaScript Sliders

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These days we have seen a rise in JavaScript sliders and jQuery sliders use in web designs. There are literlly thousands of sliders available for free but when it comes to wow your website viewers, one should have some basic knowledge to tweak a ready made script.

Either way you come up with your own idea to attract your viewers or get inspired by others ideas and make your own out of that. We are today posting 30 beautiful web designs using JavaScript sliders for your inspiration.

Get wowed by these awesomely design and coded sliders and do submit your creations in comment or via email.

We will feature your designs in our next inspiration post.

1- The Daily

The Daily

2- Rogwai


3- Orange Sprocket

Orange Sprocket

4- David A. Molanphy

David A. Molanphy

5- Work at Play

Work at Play

6- These Are Things

These Are Things

7- Mathieu Clauss

Mathieu Clauss

8- Elevate


9- Puma Running

Puma Running

10- Brave Nu Digital

Brave Nu Digital

11- Gimme Money, I can do it!

Gimme Money, I can do it!

12- Assistly


13- Jeremy Church

Jeremy Church

14- Print Mor

Print Mor

15- Ecoforms


16- Tuscarora Tackle

Tuscarora Tackle

17- StruckAxiom


18- Hugo & Marie

Hugo & Marie

19- Helms Workshop

Helms Workshop

20- Tenthmil


21- Mission First

Mission First

22- Acts 29 Network

Acts 29 Network

23- Red Tiki

Red Tiki

24- Desina


25- Alli Munsey

Alli Munsey

26- Big Related

Big Related

27- McKinney


28- Festival Mundo

Festival Mundo

29- Quality Laundry

Quality Laundry

30- Material Group

Material Group

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