50+ Witty Hilarious and Ridiculously Funny Print Advertisements

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The interactive media expansion has shorten the attention spans in the wake of sheer interactivity on internet, the challenge of creating hilarious print ads to serve your message across with a single image is certainly a Herculean task. Hillarious and humorous print ads germinate from a funny idea but it comes to life with clever art directions.

Hilarious print ads are without any doubt the means of cheap advertising when you want to fetch a huge attention and if you add a tinge of celebrity that it will spice up your advertisement. Just try to add ‘Angelina Jolie lunched here with Paris’ and you will find the whole city of teenagers eager to knock your store door down.

We used the above example just for example but there are thousands of different creative and innovative ways to design your print ad thinking outside the box. It could be something controversial, innovative or simply an idea which stands out from the crowd.

Remember the way billboards get your attention despite the reason that you see them just for few seconds while driving but they last their impression on you when you come back home in the evening and see your partner not dressing the way you saw someone dressed waiting for the evening reunion and if the message is conveyed to you through a hilarious print ad you would like to share it at the dining table and this is what advertisement is all about, spreading the word.

We have gathered a collection of really funny and hilarious print ads to add to your imagination and inspiration.

1- Hotwheels: Limpy

Hotwheels Limpy

2- Happy Couple

Happy couple

3- Ovaltine: Airplane

Ovaltine Airplane

4- Duet Ice-Cream: Obama

Duet Ice-Cream Obama

5- Rowenta RO4541: Duck

Rowenta RO4541 Duck

6- Purina Bark in the Park: Tree

Purina Bark in the Park Tree

7- Sprim Juices Isotonic Juice

Sprim Juices Isotonic Juice

8- Things Are About To Get Interesting

Things Are About To Get Interesting

9- Happy Doors

Happy Doors

10- Airtel Broadband

Airtel Broadband

11- Anthisan: 3rd Arm, Gym

Anthisan 3rd Arm, Gym

12- Google: Did you mean Battleship?

Google Did you mean Battleship

13- Stihl: Beduin

Stihl Beduin

14- Ortoimplant Dental Clinic: Fans

Ortoimplant Dental Clinic Fans

15- Zoom From Olympus

Zoom From Olympus

16- Panasonic nose trimmer: Baldy

Panasonic nose trimmer Baldy

17- Aila: Dog XXX, 2

Aila Dog XXX, 2

18- Calgary Zoo: Cavegirl

Calgary Zoo Cavegirl

19- Fedex: London-Spain

Fedex London-Spain

20- Grupo Eulen Seguridad

Grupo Eulen Seguridad

21- Discover Africa’s Spiciest Secret

Ueltje_Chakalaka 2/1_ENGL.indd

22- Harley-Davidson: Baby

Harley-Davidson Baby

23- Evian: We’re all babies inside, 1

Evian We’re all babies inside, 1

24- Panasonic Lumix: Face Recognition, 2

Panasonic Lumix Face Recognition, 2

25- Fanta: Dice

Fanta Dice

26- Wolf Hot Sauce: Hand dryer

Wolf Hot Sauce Hand dryer

27- Sportlife Chewing Gum: Girl

Sportlife Chewing Gum Girl

28- JCDecaux Road Safety: Tank

JCDecaux Road Safety Tank

29- Save Your Body


30- Cow Parade


31- Smartphone


32- General Tire: Wrapped by Adventure

General Tire Wrapped by adventure

33- Sharp From WHF

Sharp From WHF

34- Aquafresh Flexigel: Ear

Aquafresh Flexigel Ear

35- Hyundai Israel: Dog

Hyundai Israel Dog

36- Gold’s Gym Tank

Gold’s Gym Tank

37- Alive Strong Filter Coffee

Alive Strong Filter Coffee

38- Bahco: Balloon

Bahco Balloon

39- Subaru: Bingo

Subaru Bingo

40- Hawaii Five-O, Police

Hawaii Five-O, Police

41- Angry Baby


42- Zebra


43- Perm

aw curl

44- Paint Bucket

Paint Bucket

45- Mag-Lite: Buddha

Mag-Lite Buddha

46- Utopolis, Group of Cinemas: Free Willy

Utopolis, Group of cinemas Free Willy

47- Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Bear

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Bear

48- Isca Taps: Mirror

Isca Taps Mirror

49- Mortein: Last Supper

Mortein Last supper

50- Hangover


51- Ninseikan: Karate Girl

Ninseikan Karate Girl

52- Psafe LockBox: Sea

Psafe LockBox Sea

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