Bleach: Awesome Zaraki Kenpachi Illustration Artworks

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Zaraki Kenpachi a Captain class character in Bleach anime series. Well I am a big fan of this series and thought I should share some artwork for all the Bleach fans. Ken Chan (Zaraki Kenpachi) is the most badass character in the series his uniqueness is that he don’t know anything about Kido nor he have any Bankai power till yet. The question which I asked my self when I started watching this series was how he became a captain if doesn’t have Bankai, soon I got my answer after watching his first fight with Kurosaki Ichigo (Main Character in Bleach). Kenpachi power is his own spiritual energy which is way above than all the captains in the Gotei 13.

Zaraki have a eye patch placed on his face which is not because he is blind from one eye but he uses that eye patch to hold back his spiritual power. Well amazed? I was as he is a captain in Gotei 13 and he is the most powerful captain of all.

Also there was some discussions that we had about Zaraki’s Bankai and his hollowfication. I found a good artwork about how he might look in hollow mode.

The anime has been stopped for now but the manga of Bleach is coming out regularly and let me tell you this season is filled with bombastic action.

Enjoy this collection of this amazing character artwork below and stay tuned as I will be back with more awesome artworks from famous series.




Zaraki Kenpachi 1



Zaraki Kenpachi 2


Zaraki Kenpachi 3


Zaraki Kenpachi 4

Zaraki Kenpachi art

Zaraki Kenpachi 5





Zaraki no hollow

Zaraki Kenpachi 8


Zaraki Kenpachi 9


Zaraki Kenpachi 10


Zaraki Kenpachi 11




Zaraki Kenpachi 17


Zaraki Kenpachi 18


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