32 Useful jQuery Filter and Sort Data Plugins

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For a greater control over the order, placement and organization of your web page or table elements, you option is jQuery Filter or jQuery Sort plugins. With their drag-able controls these plugins make it possible to give you opportunity to create a more dynamic and user friendly design. Every web developer is aware of the fact that sorting and data filtering are useful in case you have large datasets but you can also use these features for managing list views such as portfolio pages.

In this post we are providing you with an overview of jQuery plugins which you will find useful for providing powerful functionality to re-order, filter and drag or drop facilities.

1- Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data

In case of large data tables, you would love to give your user a platform to sort through the data in a structured manner and you can have complete information about hover effect, zebra rows, filtering and sorting.

Using jQuery To Manipulate and Filter Data


2- Beautiful Data

Turn your boring HTML table into a beautiful data table that supports paging and sorting features with the ability to fetch data from CVS and JSON by specifying the file name.

Beautiful Data

Demo | Details

3- jQuery Simple Content Sorting Plus Plugin

Want to control your content with pagination, then this jQuery plugin is for you that provide you with the options of content sorting in an easy and clean way at the same time beautifying your interface and this all happens without any page loading with JavaScript.

jQuery Simple Content Sorting Plus Plugin

Demo | Details

4- Advanced tables

This jQuery plugin gives your HTML tables a datagrid look in few seconds. This will paginate your table by defining an input field that you may use as search field for the table.

Advanced tables

Demo | Details

5- Ingrid

Want to add datagrid behaviour to your table then this jQuery plugin is for you to resize columns, paging, sorting, styling and much more.


Demo | Details

6- PicNet Table Filter

If you are impressed by Google like column filtering abilities then this plugin is best suited for your HTML table that is an open source under MIT. This filter has been used for creating PicNet projects.

PicNet Table Filter

Demo | Details

7- Simple Content Sorting

Want to sort your content is an easy and clean way then this plugin is for you.

Simple Content Sorting

Demo | Details

8- Flexigrid

Want to resize your data columns to match the headers, use Flexigrid with its ability to connect to an XML based data source using Ajax to load content.


Demo | Details

9- jExpand plugin

This ultra lightweight jQuery plugin makes your tables expandable which are useful for line of business applications and this plugin serves you better by providing you the option of hodling more information such as images, data, diagrams etc.

jExpand plugin

Demo | Details

10- SearchBox

With a similarity to Google Docs and Gmail, this searchbox jQuery plugin is for you to have better control of your page.


Demo | Details

11- jQuery columnManager plugin

It is a jQuery plugin to toggle the visibility of table columns and flexibility of containing the state until next visit.

jQuery columnManager plugin

Demo | Details

12- Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

It is direct manipulation that works well with modern browsers.

Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS

Demo | Details

13- jQuery List DragSort

A lightweight jQuery plugin with the ability to sort lists using drag and drop feature.

jQuery List DragSort


14- Drag and Drop ordering in a TreePanel

Basic drag and drop in a tree with no restrictions of dropping and dragging things except the files.

Drag and Drop ordering in a TreePanel


15- Filtering Blocks

This is a awesome script for filtering a list of blocks.

Filtering Blocks

Demo | Details

16- tQuery – Dynamic tables

tQuery is the option for making simple HTML tables dynamics. It offers customizations, supports different formats and filtering with the option of adding tQuery tables to your search box for exact and instantaneous results.

tQuery – Dynamic tables

Demo | Details

17- Sortable Lists Using jQuery UI

These two plugins allow the reordering of unordered lists

Sortable Lists Using jQuery UI

Demo | Details

18- Creating a “Filterable” Portfolio with jQuery

It makes your extensive portfolio easier to navigate by breaking it into different categories and this tutorial will help you to learn how to make filleting by category more interesting with jQuery.

Creating a “Filterable” Portfolio with jQuery


19- jQuery Interface Elements

jQuery gives you the option of creating a rich interface with the help of lightweight javaScript library. You can build rich web applications and interfaces.

jQuery Interface Elements


20- TinySort

This really tiny and simple jQuery plugin is for you to sort any nodetype with a text or attribute value.


Demo | Details

21- JSquared

jSquared allows you to organize advanced search user interface like in Google Squared.



22- Table Sorter

This jQuery plugin turns a standard HTML table into a sortable table without page refreshing.

Table Sorter

Demo | Details

23- Animated table sort (REGEXP friendly)

This plugin gives you opportunity to sort a table through <td>s or on the content. By applying this plugin, different <td>s goes to their new home flying which creates a nice effect.

Animated table sort (REGEXP friendly)

Demo | Details

24- Quicksand

This plugin is best for reordering and filtering items with shuffle animation.


Demo | Details

25- Table Drag and Drop JQuery plugin

This plugin drag and drop rows within a table and gives the user options to reorder rows in a table.

Table Drag and Drop JQuery plugin


26- Dragtable: Visually reorder all your table columns

Stuart Langridge’s sorttable JavaScript library has found widespread use for past few years for the reason that it supports automatic click to sort support.

dragtable Visually reorder all your table columns


27- dragndrop

Get Drag and drop in an easy way.


Demo | Details

28- ppDrag

This jQuery drag and drop plugin mimics the jQuery UI’s draggable.



29- NestedSortable

This extension to original sorttable from Interface plugin gives you the option of sorting data vertically and nested at the same time.


Demo | Details

30- jQuery UI multiple draggable plugin

This extension of jQuery UI drag gable plug-in extends the current functionality of plug-in in regrouping and dragging the groups.

jQuery UI multiple draggable plugin

Demo | Details

31- BIGrid

This BIGrid will bring enhancement to your tables by allowing cusotmization of scrollbars, fixed rows and columns.

Demo | Details

32- Dynamic list

This dynamic list plug in with sorting, paging and filtering capabilities is best for you.

Dynamic list

Demo | Details

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