Newly – Developed jQuery Plugins of 2012

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The use of jQuery is huge over the web and we often witness vast developments in jQuery. The jQuery plugins are widely in use and their usage is super wide all over the web. Almost on every website, jQuery is used. The reason of its vast usage is that it makes the website more eye-pleasing and navigate-friendly. You can showcase the hot items on the page using jQuery or its plugin. It carries a number of other usage too. Web developers are always on way to create the plugins and here we present the list of the newly created plugins released in 2012.


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This plugin is used for scrolling. It helps you animate the elements on the web page basing around the browser’s window’s scroll position.


jQuery UI Bootstrap

This plugin is super interesting and works big time since it is a jQuery UI theme based around Twitter Bootstarp.



This one is simply awesome as it lets you to showcase the list items in same style as on iPhone screen. In case, the item counts exceed the showcased items on the screen, viewers can then swipe through screens.


Cloud Zoom

This one is a small jQuery image zoom plugin that comes with smoother zoom movement in addition to other features like zoom movement, gallery mode, soft focus, tint and many other zoom features.



This plugin is brilliant. It is a pure Javascript plotting library. With the use of this plugin, you can produce graphical plots.


jMpress js

jMpress a presentation tool inspired by The combination of CSS3 make it more attractive and powerful.


Camera 1.0.3 a slide show plugin

If you are familiar with Diapo than you already might know it is not supported anymore. The developer introduced Camera slide show and it is a awesome work. There are bugs that need to be removed..


jQuery TagBox 1.0.1

jQuery Tagbox as the name suggest it is a tag adding plugin build in jQuery. You will like the simplicity and the power to add tags in the forms. Try it..


Page Scroller

Page scroller allows you to add nice effect to your one page website. There are several options which you can play in demo of this plugin. Over all the plugin is simple and a great new addition.


jQuery continuous calendar

If you are looking for a powerful jQuery plugin that have great features than look no more. jQuery continuous calendar is all in one calendar solution.. Try it for free.


jQuery News Ticker

jQuery news ticker is inspired by BBC News website ticker but built in jQuery gives it more power. This jQuery plugin is a lightweight as feather, easy to use and embed.


jQuery File Upload

Now that is what we call a power house bundled in on jQuery plugin. You can upload single/multiple files or you can drag&drop files. This jQuery upload plugin also have progress bar and as you select the file to upload on the fly it creates the preview image. An awesome plugin which must be tried.



JavaScriptMVC is a complete framework which you can download and use for free but if you need few parts of the framework you can download them sepratly. Enjoy this awesome framework built in jQuery.


Tubular jQuery Plugin

If you want to place a video on the background of your page than this awesome plugin will help you. The idea is unique and best of all the plugin is easy to use.


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