9 Ways to Rekindle the fire of a Relationship!

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We do not doubt your feelings towards your partner and are very sure that you love him/her very much, but has it been awhile since the two of you did anything romantic or exciting or has your relationship been pushed down your list of priorities since having children?

If the answer is YES, and now you really want to rekindle the fire of a relationship that has gone cold, then do give a try to our following guide to falling in love all over again:

Make a Commitment


To maintain a strong relationship or marriage, you must be willing to put time, effort and thought into nurturing it. Not only may you fall in love with your partner or spouse all over again, but your children will benefit. Children need daily proof that their family life is stable and predictable. When you make a commitment to your relationship, your children will feel the difference and blossom because their home life is thriving.

The surprising secret is that this doesn’t have to take any extra time in your already busy schedule. Just a change in attitude and a committed focus can yield a stronger, happier relationship.

Plan a Date Night



Line up a babysitter, put on a nice outfit and make-up, and go out on an actual date with your partner. Scheduling a date night at least a couple of times each month will help reignite your relationship. If possible, make it a 24 hour date and include a romantic hotel room!





Think back to when the two of you were first falling in love. Remember those kisses? They were hot and passionate! Instead of looking up from your coffee with a morning “Love you”, grab your husband and passionately kiss him. It will make his day and most likely your night!





Typically we think of females receiving flowers, but how about sending flowers to your spouse with a romantic note? When he returns home sparks (romantic ones) will fly!

Appreciate the Good, Ignore the Bad



You chose to be with this person for many good reasons, so a key step in adding sizzle to your relationship is to look for the good and overlook the bad.

Make it a habit to ignore the annoying little things–dirty socks on the floor, a day-old coffee cup on the counter, an inelegant burp at the dinner table–and choose instead to search for those things that make you smile: the way he rolls on the floor with the baby; the fact that she made your favorite cookies, the peace in knowing someone so well that you can wear your worn out flannels or burp at the table.

Spend Time Together in Simple Activities


Spend Time Together in Simple Activities


Try to spend more quality time together in simple activities like, for instance, what’s a game that you both enjoy? Cards, Scrabble? Play a game together. The loser has to offer three “prizes” to the winner to choose from. Be creative. Would he like to snuggle with you? Is there an outfit he enjoys seeing you wear?

Surprise Your Partner


Surprise Your Partner


Try to give him/her little moments of joy as it is a proven way to get even closer to your loved ones. Do you typically sleep in your husband’s T-shirt or maybe a flannel nightgown? Purchase some sexy lingerie and surprise him! Play his favorite song and make your moves.

Capture Joyful Moments

Let your spouse know how much he means to you. Talk about the quirky things you enjoy about him, the loving things he does, and how much you love him.

Do Not Expect Too Much



As a final thought, it’s important not to have too much expectancy with this. While it may work, it also may not. And if you’ve hung your heart on it and things don’t work out it could be very traumatic. Do what you can, but play it by ear. And if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have done what you can.

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