Hairstyles according to face’s shapes

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Hairdos make you look dashing, suave, charming and classy. Hairdos are what can make you beautiful and these are the hairdos, if done badly, make you simply look devastating. Thus it is always recommended to have a proper hairdo as per your personality, face shape and appearance.

Following are the best hairdos as per the face’s shapes.

Hairstyles according to face’s shapes

For Oval Face:

The ones, who have oval face, are much lucky since this is the face on which every hairdo goes perfectly fine – whether long hairstyle or short. You may even have the layers near your chin or cheekbones.

For Oval Face

For Long Face:

The ones, who have long or oblong shape face, should go for creating the luusion of width to balance it. The width to face can be added by dolling up the tresses with long, chin-length bobs or side-swept bangs. Also you have to avoid letting the tresses go colossally long. Also do not have a shorter haircut.

For Long Face

For Round Face:

The ones, who have round face, need to generate the illusion of length and it can be done by having the tresses cut below the chin. Don’t go for having shorter and one-length cuts.

For Round Face

For Square Face:

The ones who have square face, it means they angular jaw. Now you have to have the haircut that takes the attention of the people from the jaw. This can be done by putting texture to your tresses. The short-cut hairstyles do this work fabulously.

For Square Face

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