Find exciting Pumpkin Templates to spice up your Halloween

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Most of you would certainly rate Halloween as one of the biggest holiday of the calendar year. With all the mask parties you associate with Halloween, you can’t forget about the pumpkins you carve and design on the Halloween.


I love cartoon network and they have released some really awesome templates/stencils for Halloween. Click here to download them.

Some of us master the art of pumpkin carving while others look for favours from their friends or family members. Pumpkin templates available all over the internet have really made it easier for us all to sketch different designs on the pumpkins.

With pumpkin templates you can develop artistic skills within minutes. Yes, that’s absolutely true. All you need to do is visit a popular pumpkin template website which could be found easily on the internet. Select a template which attracts you the most; smiling faces, celebrity faces, brilliant cuts and curves etc.

Download that pumpkin template on your computer and print out the page. Once you have the printed page, put it on the pumpkin and sketch the outline on the pumpkin. The following step is fairly simple but you need to really take care of the neatness of the cuts. Your carved and intricate work on pumpkin would be available for display as soon as you are done with the carving.

So now with the availability of pumpkin templates you don’t need to worry about the Halloween pumpkin. Neither you would have to request your friends or neighbours to do it for you nor would you have to purchase expensive carved pumpkins from the market. Enjoy your Halloween to the fullest!


Pumpkin Templates

Pumpkin Templates





Halloween Pumpkin Carvings-2


Halloween Pumpkin Carvings-3


Click on the picture to go to very nice collection of pumpkin designs. I loved the way Becky made these awesome pumpkin, do visit her main page full of creative carvings.





Pumpkin Party


Halloween Pumpkins-2

Halloween Pumpkins-1









Pumpkin stencil



  1. chris

    October 29, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    amazing 🙂 loved the pumpkin carvings, will be trying my own this year, some will definately scare the kids (and probably the misses 🙂

  2. ben

    October 30, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    some really inspiring carvings, love them and thanks for sharing them!

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