50 Best Animal & Birds Photography Photos by NATGEO

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National Geographic has provided its users a new way of watching the beauty in beasts and the way National Geographic presents different animals and birds make it the best option for anyone looking for great examples of animal photography.

NatGeo’s more than professional photographers have captured animals and birds at such and angle and in the presence of such a light that many of these beasts look more beautiful than many other beastly specie. In a bid to present our readers with marvelous examples of NatGeo photography we have gathered around 50 best animal and birds photographs for our readers.

1- Canadian Lynx, Yukon Territory

Canadian Lynx, Yukon Territory

2- Macaw


3- Peacock Tree Frog

Peacock Tree Frog

4- Puffins, Maine

Puffins, Maine

5- Bowerbird, Australia

Bowerbird, Australia

6- Zebras, Zambia

Zebras, Zambia

7- Ducklings


8- Child and Water Buffalo, Vietnam

Child and Water Buffalo, Vietnam

9- Giraffes, Kenya

Giraffes, Kenya

10- Giraffe, Zambia

Giraffe, Zambia

11- Lion Pride, Serengeti

Lion Pride, Serengeti

12- Chameleon, India

Chameleon, India

13- Cows, India

Cows, India

14- Elephant Trio, Namibia

Elephant Trio, Namibia

15- Cheetah Cubs, South Africa

Cheetah Cubs, South Africa

16- Crab-Eating Macaque

Crab-Eating Macaque

17- Mountain Gorillas, Africa

Mountain Gorillas, Africa

18- Foxes, New Jersey

Foxes, New Jersey

19- Silverback Gorilla, Africa

Silverback Gorilla, Africa

20- Cattle Egrets, India

Cattle Egrets, India

21- Cows, Netherlands

Cows, Netherlands

22- Squirrel in Snow

Squirrel in Snow

23- Grazing Horses, Mongolia

Grazing Horses, Mongolia

24- Crabeater Seal

Crabeater Seal

25- Baby Silver Leaf Langur

Baby Silver Leaf Langur

26- Lionfish


27- Anhinga, Everglades National Park

Anhinga, Everglades National Park

28- Dwarf Minke Whale

Dwarf Minke Whale

29- Whooping Cranes, Canada

Whooping Cranes, Canada

30- Crabeater Seal, Antarctica

Crabeater Seal, Antarctica

31- Elephants, Serengeti

Elephants, Serengeti

32- Tigers, India

Tigers, India

33- Ponies, Mongolia

Ponies, Mongolia

34- Crayfish, Australia

Crayfish, Australia

35- Camel, Socotra Island

Camel, Socotra Island

36- Wood Frog

Wood Frog

37- Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

38- Springboks, South Africa

Springboks, South Africa

39- Gray Wolf, Washington

Gray Wolf, Washington

40- Whale Shark, New Guinea

Whale Shark, New Guinea

41- Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

42- Hippopotamus


43- Humpback Whale Calf

Humpback Whale Calf

44- Cheetahs, Kenya

Cheetahs, Kenya

45- Mosaic Jellyfish

Mosaic Jellyfish

46- Manta Ray, Maldives

Manta Ray, Maldives

47- Red Foxes, Connecticut

Red Foxes, Connecticut

48- Baboon, Bronx Zoo

Baboon, Bronx Zoo

49- Owl


50- Cattle Egret, Florida

Cattle Egret, Florida


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