35+ Best Water Effect Photoshop Tutorials and Brushes

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The water looks beautiful, but its digital effect could be dreadful for developers for the sake of complexity but no developer can avoid the fact that sooner or later they have to create water effects for their customers or personal use.

Well, internet comes with desired help with the contribution of dedicated and passionate designers who have created tutorials and wonderful other resources for creating water effects.

Here we have compiled a list of water effect tutorials which may lead you to the world of creating wonderful water effects like drops, rain and waterfalls. We have also collected Photoshop brushes to add to this post so that you can speed up your creativity.

1- The Rain Tutorial

Well, giving raining effecting will be not all that easy and many people do not know how to do it but with the help of this tutorial you may create beautiful rain effect in your images.

The Rain Tutorial

2- Water Dress

Well, you might have wished for water dress in hot summers but here you have the tutorial to let you create realistic water skirt, shirts and gloves.

Water Dress

3- Dark and Stormy Night

Here you can turn a bright sunny day image into a picture taken at night.

Dark and Stormy Night

4- Rain with Flood

Flood and rain are complementary as each follow other and if you are able to create the effect of raining in floods, you are quite near to perfection.

Rain with Flood

5- Girl with Twisting Water

You certainly have listened about air benders but what about water benders? Here we have a girl with the prowess of twisting water. A nice water effect indeed.

Girl with Twisting Water

6- Rain, Rain, Go Away

If you are familiar with the movies showing the hero drenched in rain and you have seen a lot of this in comics too then this tutorial is for you to create the effect of drenching your super hero into rain.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

7- A War Movie Poster

Rain has also a symbolic affinity with war and this tutorial let you know how to create rain effect in a war poster.

A War Movie Poster

8- Basic Water Drops

Water drops have their own place and this tutorial is for you to make realistic, artistic water drops.

Basic water drops

9- Vibrant Colorful Alcohol

Well, many of you have seen a complete rainbow in alcohol but creating a vibrant colorful alcohol is indeed a task you would love to accomplish.

Vibrant Colorful Alcohol

10- Composition And Realistic Rain

Give your image a gloomy look with realistic rain accompanied with stormy weather.

Composition And Realistic Rain

11- Water Effect On Products

You may create water effect on products through this tutorial.

Water Effect On Products

12- Rain Cloud Lighthouse

The symbolism gets alive when you place rain, cloud and lighthouse in the same image. Why don’t you try this one.

Rain Cloud Lighthouse

13- Rainy Streets

Experience the rain soaked streets with your own creation.

Rainy Streets

14- Filtered Rain

For creating rain effect in Photoshop, this is one of the nicest tutorials.

Filtered Rain

15- Water Effect Photo Montage

With water effect photo montage you may turn yourself into moving water but don’t blame someone else if one puts a straw on you and tries to drink.

Water Effect Photo Montage

16- Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls

Turn a simple waterfall into a silky smooth waterfall

Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls

17- Add A Rainbow To A Photo

Rainbow has its association with rain and with this tutorial you are able to add rainbow to your image.

Add A Rainbow To A Photo

18- Create a Beautiful Under Water Scene

You would have loved the underwater scenery but this is time to create one for yourself

Create a Beautiful Under Water Scene

19- Water Ripples

Ripples and ripples, with this tutorial learn how to create water ripples.

Water Ripples

20- Displacement Water

Give a liquid like feeling to the surrounding with this tutorial.

Displacement Water

21- Creating Water From a Tap

Have a nice idea of creating water from a tap.

Creating Water From a Tap

22- Realistic Water Running on Tap

But what about a running tap. This tutorial with the combination of Photoshop filters gives you liberty to create realistic effect of water.

Realistic Water Running on Tap

23- Adding Water Drops to Waves

You may add water drops to waves through this tutorial.

Adding Water Drops to Waves

24- Rainy Day

Look the world around you into a water drop with magnifying effect.

Rainy Day

25- Water Drops

Add water drops to your images with this tutorial.

Water Drops

Water Brushes

Use these water brushes to create you own splashes, droplets, rain, waterfalls and what not with the use of these water effect brushes to add to your creativity.

26- Water Effect Brushes

You have got a complete set of Photoshop brushes composed of different effects.

Water Effect Brushes

27- Rain Brushes

You have the prowess of these 8 brushes to create rain, drizzle, and what not

Rain Brushes

28- Rain – Tear Drop Brushes

Here is a set of 20 rain drop brushes for your use from a single drop to completely randomized pattern.

Rain – Tear Drop Brushes

29- Water Reflection

These brushes are a great asset if used correctly.

Water Reflection

30- Waterfall

Well, with these brushes you can have waterfall at your hand


31- Water Droplets

These random set of brushes with water effects.

Water Droplets

32- Water Brushes

Water brushes of Photoshop and GIMP for various water shapes in different light setups.

Water II Brushes

33- Water II Brushes

Obsidian Dawn is here with second pack.

Water II Brushes

34- Anarasha Brush

With realistic water effects these Photoshop brushes are worth keeping as a resource.

Anarasha Brush

35- Water Splash

Have a splash of water to cool yourself down

Water Splash

36- Water Splashes

This is a set of 10 aqua-ish brushes for you to create drops, rain, water etc.

Water Splashes


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