10 Free Ajax Upload File Sample With PHP

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Today we have selected 10 free Ajax file upload samples with PHP as their server side script. Here you can find the best possible solutions that people came up to make Ajax and PHP to upload files. Check them and comment on our selections.

1- FileChucker

FileChucker allows you to upload files on your own website. This handy script is fully packed with features and is simple to install. FileChuker features include easy sharing files with anyone on the net, real time progress bar, built in password protection, e-mail notification, ftp replacement, photo gallery script, custom folder permissions and many more…


2- Ajax Upload Images

‘Ajax upload images’ allows you to upload your images to your website without refreshing your page.

Ajax Upload Images

3- Fancy upload with mootool

FancyUpload is a great script when it comes to upload multiple-files and if you need to independence on customizing the style. This script allows you customize the style via xhtml, css, and mootools. The features include progress bar, multiple-file upload selection, limit uploads by file count, filter useful information before upload and many more.

Fancy upload with mootool

4- PHP & jQuery image upload and crop

PHP & jQuery image upload and crop a great script for people who don’t want to use a desktop application to crop their images. It is jammed packed with features and can handle jpg, gif, and png files.

PHP & jQuery image upload and crop

5- JqUploader

jqUploader a great jquery plugin with flash based file upload widget. Features include Progress bar and percentage, customizable through html form directly, limit maximum file size, and many more check jQuploader and rich upload interface generater.


6- Max’s AJAX file uploader

Max’s AJAX file uploader allows you to upload your files with a real time progress bar. The best part is the file will be uploaded and page wont going to re-load itself.

Max’s AJAX file uploader

6- Xupload

Xupload is another jammed packed small script that allows you to upload files and display progress bar either on the page or in a pop-up window. The server side is handled with php code and there are many features that you can play with, check it out.


7- AJAX  Upload Using Bar Progress

Very simple script to upload and files and see its progress bar in real time. A handy script If you don’t want to go into lots of hush hush do try it.

AJAX  Upload Using Bar Progress

8- Uploadify jquery upload plugin

Uploadify is a another jQuery plugin that was packed with Flash as backend development. You can select multiple files to upload them on your website.

Uploadify jquery upload plugin

9- Uploading images to server with Ajax

There are many scripts like this but the simplicity of this script makes it different.

Uploading images to server with Ajax

10- Asynchronous file upload with AJAX progress bar in PHP

Asynchronous file upload with Ajax progress bar in php is another handy script that uses php as server side and allows you upload files on your web server. A handy light weight script to try..

Asynchronous file upload with AJAX progress bar in PHP

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