10+ Free iPhone Music Apps you must have

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Today we selected 10 + free iPhone music apps that one must have to make his music love bit more exciting. We selected the best possible apps after going through many phases, we listed upsides and downsides as well so you can decide before hand which app really interest you.

1- TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio really sets itself apart from all others is that it includes 40,000 radio stations. If that is not enough than the best part for this app is, you can pause and rewind live radio, which is a feature that we couldn’t find in any other iphone apps out there. The downside for this iPhone app is it fails to load all the stations though it happens rarely but still a downside.

TuneIn Radio apps


2- 8tracks Radio

8tracks Radio is at our top list due to its features like user-submitted mixes and handmade playlists. You can find a good amount of variety that includes everything from Arcade fire, Jayz to Eminem. The only flaw we found are the descriptions are not informative and user can’t rate the mixes that he finds.

8tracks Radio apps


3- NPR Music

NPR Music is a great app to discover new music. If you are into indie rock than this apps will make you happy in many ways. This app do lack lots of features that can be found in other apps but it have 75 public radio stations and most popular music podcasts. There is another feature that inspire us is the availability of Music News, Interviews, and editorial reviews.

NPR Music apps


4- Shazam

Shazam main feature is the ability to identify the song title and artist just by hearing about 10 seconds of music. There are two versions of Shazam, one is free which give you five song identification per month, while Shazam Encore is 4.99$ offers unlimited identities of songs. Though Shazam is the have the nicest feature, the app fails identifying songs from obscure artists.

Shazam apps


5- Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is the most downloaded free apps in the category of free apps from App Store. The main reason behind its success is that it’s simple and works very well. Pandora main feature which sets it apart from other music iPhone apps out there is the ability to give the user to compile customized playlists based on the music they like. Whatever Pandora recommends is usually spot-on and we find it very user friendly. The only downside is the limitation of the free version to 40 hours of free music per month. The unlimited usage costs 0.99$.

Pandora Radio apps


6- Slacker Radio

Slacker Internet Radio is another great music app that gives access to hundreds of radio stations from almost every Genre. The personalization of stations is another great feature you can select radio stations and categorize them. The integration of Facebook and Twitter is another great feature of this app. The only downside that we found is skipping of songs which is limited to 6 skips per hour per station.

Slacker Radio apps


7- Last.fm

Last.fm usually is considred a competitor of Pandora app. Well if you check both apps you will find both have same features except Last.fm gives the ability to skip songs as much as you want and the ability to see tour dates, events calendar do sets both apart. There is the only downside we found is the buffering Last.fm takes a long time to buffer.

Lastfm apps


8- IHeartRadio

iHeartRadio Version 4.0.2:

The Best of Live Radio
After the release of New iHeartRadio we can easily say it’s the ultimate tool for music lovers. The combination making available top radio stations with the world’s most advanced custom stations into one seamless experience makes this app the best that is in the market. You select over 800 stations coast to coast available anytime anywhere.

IHeartRadio apps


9- Rhapsody

First thing first Rhapsody is not free and requires monthly subscription of 9.99$ per month. Now the features it includes are unlimited listening to more than 11 Million songs, offline support of listening music, which is the real deal breaker. If you calculate and check out the iTunes songs prices you definitely should go with Rhapsody.

Rhapsody apps


10- Daytrotter

Daytrotter is another awesome app available at Apple app store. It gives you 1,000 mini concerts, 3 to 5 songs in each category of music. You can stream the music over Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE, and share music via Facebook and Twitter.

Daytrotter apps


11- Concert Vault

Concert Vault is awesome due to its very impressive catalog that brings you 4,500 live concert recordings from past 60 plus years. Downside is the slow performance of this app also the limitation of 10 hours free listening per month. The unlimited listening version costs $48 a year.

Concert Vault apps


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