10 PHP Tutorials For Beginners, Tips & Tricks

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Here we have selected some tutorials that will help beginners to understand PHP basics. We will continue publish tutorial selections weekly and will help you to learn basic and advance techniques of PHP. Stay tuned or subscribe our feed to grab the latest stuff.

1- Introduction to PHP

PHP is a development language which gets installed on top of your web server. Famous server packages are Apache, Microsoft IIS, and Light Speed etc.

Introduction To PHP

2- PHP Form Processing and Mail Script

In these tutorial beginners will learn basic stuff of form processing and mail script making.

PHP Script

3- Creating a PHP Registration page

In this Beginner tutorial you can learn how to create a registration page in PHP

PHP Registration page

4- PHP & MySQL File Download Counter

Here you can learn how to make file download tracker.

PHP & MySQL File Download

5- How to Open Zip Files with PHP

The name of the tutorial explains it all. If you will be allowing your users to upload the files than you have to check out this video.

Zip Files with PHP

6- Making A Cool Login System With PHP, MySQL & jQuery

Let’s make a login / registration system and go through the in detail.

Making A Cool Login System With PHP, MySQL & jQuery

7- Scanning Folders with PHP

In this awesome tutorial you can learn how to scan folders for images and automatically show them on desired location on your website.

Scanning Folders with PHP

8- Using PHP objects programmatically

PHP objects programmatically

9- PHP Tutorial From beginner to master

PHP Tutorial From beginner to master

10- PHP Loops

In this lesson, we will have a look at the foreach function in php.

PHP Loops

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