10 World’s Most Notoriously Spamming Countries

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Spamming is what we all witness and encounter in our daily routines. It is being done a lot in the entire world and everyone, who is associated with the world of computers or Internet, gets affected by it. Here we list the countries which are most famous in doing spamming.

United States of America

USA tops the list of the spammers being the super power and the country that is the hub of almost all the businesses of the world. America also registers more than 2507 live spam cases.

United States of America Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


China, the world’s largest country in terms of population, is the one that has been beating all in progress of business. It is on the second place with 1131 spam registered cases.

China Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


Russian is considered to be the worst spamming country in the entire world with live spam cases of 661. The spamming gangs of the country like Peter Severa, Leo Kuvayev, and Ruslan Ibragimov of send-safe.com are famous in the globe.

Russia Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


UK is among the big super powers of the world and the best ally of the US. Since its literacy rate is quite high, it possesses more spammers in the country. It registers more than 490 cases of spamming.

UK Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


Germany’s population is 82 million and it is noted that more than 63% of the population has access to the web that is why the countries is listed among the bigger spammers of the world. It has 277 live spamming cases.

Germany Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


Brazil was earlier famous for being the spam king in 2010. But after the government’s efforts to lessen the cyber crime, the spam rate has decreased now. It now holds 262 cases of spamming.

Brazil Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


Japan is famous for sending the world spam messages in e-mail. It has more than 244 live spam cases.

Japan Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


It has been learnt that the French government uses funds in running a project called Signal Spam where the project makes ties with Outlook and Thunderbird to send the spam dada in e-mails. The country has 233 famous spam cases.

France Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


The country has 72 million population and out of this rate, 36% can access the web. The country carries around 4.4% of the globe’s spam e-mails.

Turkey Most Notoriously Spamming Countries


Last year on 15th December 2010, the government passed a bill called C-28 to fight with the Internet Spam to lessen the spamming in the country. Till today, Canada has 230 live spam cases.

Canada Most Notoriously Spamming Countries

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