13+ Amazing Android Cheats to Drive You Crazy!

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Check out the amazing Android Cheat Collection given below:

1- CSS Cheat Sheet

The CSS Cheat Sheet for Android is especially designed for experienced developers so that they can take a quick refresher course for the latest changes in CSS properties and values.This particular cheat sheet can be used as a starting point for learning new aspects of the language as well as a quick reference for topics you’ve already learned.

CSS Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

2- SQL Cheat Sheet

The SQL Cheat Sheet is designed to provide a quick reference for the most common SQL statements you use.

SQL Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

3- Joomla Cheat Sheet

Joomla! lets you create interactive Web pages without using code, taking the hyper out of using HTML tags. With Joomla! modules, you can create articles and menu items, install extensions, and build engaging Web pages without engaging in writing code.

Joomla Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

4- Oracle Cheat Sheet

This “cheatsheet” covers most of the basic functionality that an Oracle DBA needs to run basic queries and perform basic tasks. It also contains information that a PL/SQL programmer will frequently use to write stored procedures. The resource is useful as a primer for individuals who are new to Oracle, or as a reference for those who are experienced at using Oracle.

Oracle Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

5- Apache Cheat Sheet

This fast reference lists commands for common tasks in this particular area of work.

Apache Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

6- CakePHP Cheat Sheet

Here is a CakePHP cheat Sheet for the newbies to get familiar with the cakephp convention for naming controller, modal, views, database table etc.

CakePHP Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

7- HTML Cheat Sheet

Keep this cheat sheet handy as it contains the most common HTML tags and their proper syntax.

HTML Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

8- jQuery Cheat Sheet

Despite there being several other decent jQuery Cheat Sheets out there, none were better than the one we have collected.

jQuery Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

9- Zend Cheat Sheet

Zend Framework is an open source object-oriented Web framework that significantly reduces the barriers typically encountered when creating powerful Web applications. The Zend Framework also offers simple solutions for AJAX integration, content syndication, and communication with popular APIs such as those offered by Amazon.com, Google and Yahoo!This DZone Refcard will introduce you to the basics of the Zend Framework (such as prerequisites), help you install it, and set you on the path to creating your first project.

Zend Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

10- WordPress Cheat Sheet

With the popularity of our old WordPress cheat sheet, we’ve decided to fire up a new batch of these quick pocket guides.

WordPress Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

11- Magento Cheat Sheet

It’s a cheat sheet (list) of event names you can hook into in the Magento.

Magento Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

12- Google Cheat Sheet

This Google cheat sheet includes most of the common syntax, hotkeys and tips you need to know to use Google like other experts.

Google Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

13- RegEx Cheat Sheet

It seems that many people have a basic understanding of how a regular expressions works. Lots of people will ask me, and probably many of you, for help in writing regular expressions. A lot of these people have a basic idea of what they need when it is a simple RegEx. I would like to point those people towards a regular expression cheat sheet.

RegEx Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

14- JavaScript Cheat Sheet

This appendix summarizes the most commonly-used Java language features in the textbook.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet Collection of Android

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