15 fresh jQuery Plugins and Tutorials for developers

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Today we have selected 15 fresh jQuery Plugins and Tutorials for developers to learn/use some awesome jQuery techniques/plugins. Check out the listing below..

1- jQuery PointPoint

This Plug-in will draw your users attention to a specific part of the post/page. This will give a small arrow next to users mouse cursor.
jQuery PointPoint plugin


2- Cool Background Image Sliding effect with jQuery

This is the latest addition on internet for making awesome jQuery image sliding effect.

Background Image Sliding effect with jQuery Plugin



3- Before and After

This is really cool effect for designers who want to display their work before and after editing a image or show wire frames to rendered images. Awesome idea behind the plugin, loved and am using it on one of my portfolio sites to show my customers what changes had been made on their image.

Before and After Plugin


4- CoverScroll

If you are interested to use Apple’s Cover flow design pattern which is controlled by CSS3 and have features like sliding, controlled by mouse wheel than you should try this simple and powerful effect.

CoverScroll Plugin


5- Hover and Click Trigger for Circular Elements

Event handling for circular shape objects a interesting Tutorial a must read..

Hover and Click Trigger for Circular Elements Plugin


6- Neon effect

If you want to give neon effect to your already placed test using CSS3 than this one will work smoothly for you. Do remember Neon effects only work and give better look on dark background. This plugin have three modes basic, custom and auto.

Neon effect Plugin


7- jQuery fancy Draggable Captcha

Now that’s interesting this tutorial will guide you on how to make a script that gives the ability to your users to drag captcha wording to authenticate as a human rather than type the given words.

jQuery fancy Draggable Captcha Plugin


8- Draggable Image Boxes Grid

Draggable Image Boxes Grid, gives the user ability to drag the gallery images and check out the listing. Once a image is clicked it will expand to fullscreen. Though here I was thinking if the developer had allowed to drag the image to get the next image as well.. But still very nice effect and can be customized via CSS.

Draggable Image Boxes Grid Plugin



9- How to Build an RSS Reader

I really wanted to share this interesting tutorial with you guys from the day I stumbled upon on this tutorial. It is really a good and easy way to create a RSS Reader in Jquery mobile. Awesome must read Tutorial.

How to Build an RSS Reader Plugin


10- Developing a jQuery Private Messaging Modal Box

Very easy Jquery Mobile and HTML5 tutorial to build a private messaging box on your website for contact you or your authors.

Developing a jQuery Private Messaging Modal Box Plugin


11- Formly – the form glamorizer

On every website/blog you can find a form, it can be contact us or authenticating users form or anything else that can come to your twisted minds (don’t mind) but there is always a problem the forms really look bad or ordinary well with the help of this handy snippet you can make your form look better this snippet also supports validation part.

Formly – the form glamorizer PluginDemo


12- jQuery Multipage Form

Nice and fast plugin which will on the fly convey your forms to multipage forms.

jQuery Multipage Form Plugin


13- Adding Weather to Your Site with jQuery and YQL

If you are interested to add a weather update on your website, than this tutorial will help you to make a handy script from start to finish.

Adding Weather to Your Site with jQuery and YQL Plugin



14- Using jQuery’s Data APIs

This is a fresh addition in Jquery beginner level tutorials. Do check it out.

Using jQuery’s Data APIs Plugin


15- Tagedit

If you want to change old tags field to new ones than this is great plugin to do so.



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