15 New Useful HTML5 Examples, Tutorials and Techniques

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If you are looking for some innovation and efficiency then HTML 5 is here to serve you. With these useful examples, tutorials and techniques you would find HTML5 more than a new version of a language. It is fun to work with HTML 5 and if you go through these 15 new useful HTML 5 examples, tutorials and techniques you are going to love it.

1- HTML5 Web Applications

Here is HTML 5 browser compatibility overview.

HTML5 Web Applications

2- HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness

 HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness

3- Design And Code A Cool iPhone App Website In HTML5

Design And Code A Cool iPhone App Website In HTML5

4- Semantics in HTML 5

HTML 5 is W3C’s exhaustive effort for creating the next generation HTML. The project took more than a year but enormity of the project justifies the duration when we see that the project has not only covered the basic structure of HTML but also have added value through parsing models, error-handling models, DOM, algorithm for resource fetching, data templating, page loading models, media content and client side data storage.

Semantics in HTML 5

5- HTML5 Cheat Sheet

A useful cheat sheet for designers and developers and it is a simple visual grid having all the HTML tags with their related attributes which are supported by HTML 4.01 and or 5.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

6- HTML5 for Beginners. Use it now, its easy!

Being a beginner, it may become boring for you so here is HTML5 for Beginners  wotj gppd examples to teach you some HTML basics in a funny and interesting way.

HTML5 for Beginners

7- How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App

While you were depressed by a year now when Objective C developers were having their hay day fro writing applications for iPhone and you might have tried to learn a bit what seems C or a form of C but in vain.

Here we have a set of skills you may already possess, HTML, CSS and Java Script and while going along this tutorial, you will be able to create offline HTML 5 iPhone application.

How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App

8- WTF is HTML5

Here is a one-pager HTML 5 overview which may be of great use to you.


9- HTML5 Unleashed : Tips, Tricks And Techniques

HTML5 Unleashed Tips Tricks And Techniques

10- HTML 5 Demos and Examples

This site is litrally littered with HTML 5 examples but there are few very good in them and you can have the demos by clicking on the support icon or technology tag for filtration of these demos.

HTML 5 Demos and Examples

11- Rocking HTML5

Browse the site and have a look at the slides to gain sufficient information about he working of HTML 5 elements.

Rocking HTML5

12- HTML5 Canvas Experiment

Well if you have crossed the beginner level, time is here to play with HTML 5 and we have a little experiment for you which loads 100 tweets related to HTML 5 and display them by using a javascript particle engine.

HTML5 Canvas Experiment

13- html5 Pocketbooks

Html5 Pocketbooks

14- Html5test.com

This is a very useful browser test with a lot of details.


15- Building Web Pages With HTML 5

Well HTML 5 is here and you have two open options. It is going to help you in creating more semantic web or it is proving yet another trap of incomplete tags and markup soup.

Building Web Pages With HTML 5

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