17 Best Real Time Analytics to Monitor Your Traffic and Trends

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Every business aims at finding ways of targeting its current and potential customers. If business holds a website, it is necessary to know what is going on this website and how users are interacting with the information placed on the website pages. To give you a helping hand internet offers a bundle of options which can be used to have a real time data analysis of the website.

When it comes to real time analysis, it provides you invaluable information and if you have a strong presence at social media, or associated with some viral campaign which brings chunks of quick traffic then you need to react quickly. We have gathered a list of such options for you to choose from and let your friends at social media also knew about them.

1- Google Analytics

Google has recently launched newer version of its Google Analytics with newer features of real time reporting. Real time reporting informs you about the number of visitors on your site at a specific moment, the pages viewed, the sites referred those visitors, and geographical location of visitors.

Google Analytics

2- Clicky

Clicky also provides you with real time analytics and whenever you login at Clicky, by default it shows you the current data of the day. It also provides historical data, detailed Twitter analytics. Clicky Touch is your second option for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPads.


3- Histats

Histats is a best free real time traffic monitor out there which provides unlimited and unrestricted web site analytics. Just signup with and get the code in few seconds after applying the code on your site you will see the results in real time.


4- Woopra

Woopra provides you not only the real time data analytics but also an option to chat your visitors through its Woopra Chat Widget. It provides its users, an advanced notification feature that allows setting up different types of notifications based on different actions and situations.



5- GoSquared

GoSquares goes an extra mile while providing you with standard metrics and data about specific individual visitors. Through its integration with Olark, it provides you the option to chat with your users. GoSquare provides you the opportunity of notifying traffic spikes and decreases in traffic.


6- Reinvigorate

Reinvigorate does not only provide real time analytics, it also provides you with heatmaps which help you in identifying the areas where users are clicking and know the dead spots on your website. It also provides nametags for your registered users to track their activities on your website.


7- Chartbeat

Chartbeat is a reliable option for real time data analytics for news publishers and other website owners. Its unique engagement metrics provides you the opportunity to have an analysis of the hot and dead areas of your website to let you improve your website.


8- Piwik

Piwik, a downloadable open source option for real time analytics can be ready to serve you at your server within 5 minutes.


9- Mixpanel

Mixpanel allows you to have an analysis of the user engagement, trend analysis and comparison of metrics from previous points in time. It also provides extensive segmentation and funnel analysis.


10- ShinyStat

ShinyStat offers limited data analysis for personal and non-profit websites. It includes search engine ranking detection to help you improve your website.


11- SeeVolution

The beta version of SeeVolution features heatmaps, real time analytics, live heatmaps and a unique way of seeing your analytics without leaving your website.


12- FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics provides real time analysis based on events and attributes. You can customize events with the option of having actionable reports to help you improve your website.


13- Performancing Metrics

It provides you with real time statistics and other features such as Twitter analytics.

Performancing Metrics

14- StatCounter

StatCounter, the free real time data analytics program is installable within few code lines with all traditional analytical tools and options to set up automated email reports for you on daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


15- Whos.Amung.Us

Whos.Amung.Us comes in shape of a widget to be installed at your website and it has options of free as well as paid accounts.


16- W3Counter

W3Counter provides you the real time data analysis and has the capacity of generating 30 different reports.


17- TraceWatch

Download able TraceWatch is a free program for real time analytics. You may have all the typical stats and reports and details of your most recent visitors with the option of tracking their exact path through your website pages.



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