20+ Amazing Twitter Tools for Increased Productivity

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Twitter has provided the designers with the option to communicate productively for business as one of the major drawbacks of social media is drain on your time. But if you apply effective and efficient tools you would be able to get more out of Twitter in less time. For your convenience and guidance we have gathered a selection of 20 + efficiency tools for Twitter users to benefit their business as well as add value to their time on Twitter.

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1- HootSuite


This suite suits your social media needs for managing your multiple profiles from a single bashboard. Integrated with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursqaure and many more, it gives you the options of scheduling tweets for future, monitors mentions and has an eye on messaging activity. HootSuite is ree but is premium plan for $5.99 per month has Google Analytics integration as a plus.


2- TweetDeck


TweetDeck is a free web and desktop application with options of customized columns for watching content activity as well as scheduling the future tweets. It gives you option of managing unlimited accounts.


3- Buffer


Buffer schedules your tweets and Facebook posts to send them out throughout the day. It gives you option of being away from Twitter and Facebook while buffer doing your work.


4- Tweriod


Tweriod simply helps you by analyzing yours and your follow tweets to decide the time which may bring you the maximum exposure and its analysis will allow you to schedule your tweeting activities accordingly.


5- TweetsMap


If you are interested in geographical location of your Twitter followers then TweetMap is here to give you a quick and comprehensive display of desired data.


6- ManageFlitter


ManageFillter is a free tool that helps you in cleaning your account from the people which are no more active and possibility of linking Google+ to your Twitter account.


7- Commun.it


If you are interested in how to manage your community, then Commun.it is your tool to have a record of feeds from top influencers and supporters.


8- Tweepi


Tweepi helps you in getting rid of those who do not follow you while giving option of reciprocating with people who follow you and discover new people. It is a premium plan but with a limited free plan.


9- MarketMeSuite


MarketMeSuite the free social media dashboard that includes many features for Twitter users, including managing conversations, managing multiple accounts, schedule tweets, using geo-targeting to find local connections, and much more.


10- Twilert


Twilert sends you alerts by email when someone’s tweet contains your brand name.


11- BirdHerd


You can also use whatever Twitter client you want for updating the group account.


12- GroupTweet


GroupTweet is another app for groups and teams. Optionally, tweets can be moderated before being posted if you want to retain full control over the group’s posts. you can also use any Twitter client with GroupTweet.


13- Twhirl


Twhirl is a desktop client that will display notifications  for new messages and tweets.


14- Twtpoll


Twtpoll helps with engaging your followers by allowing you to create polls and surveys.


15- dlvr.it


dlvr.it automatically delivers your blog content to Twitter.


16- Twoolr


Twoolr , the  nicely designed web app that tells you all about the impact your twitter account has.


17- The Archivist


Visualizations of the Twitter activity for a specific subject or search term is meant by the Archivist.

The Archivist

18- Backtweets


It allows you to track which tweets by whom are linking back to your own blog or website.


19- Proxlet


It feels like such a relief to finally get rid of 4sq tweets or tweets about trending topics, you can no longer hear about.


20- Twileshare


Twileshare pretty much says what it does. You can share files up to 10MB of size and this can be anything from images, docs or PDF’s.


21- Nurph


With Nurph you will have access to Twitter chat rooms.


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