20 Best Android Apps developed for Designers

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Here we are listing 20 must have Android apps for designers. We do know that ideal work area should be large when it comes to design but most of the times designers require and are found playing with their mock-ups on mobile devices. Also most of the times these apps will help you on the way to sketch up the basic concept etc.

We hope you will like these apps and we are sure these will help you a lot.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express lets call it Mobile Photoshop. It is really amazing how the Adobe team managed to give so many functionalities of their creative suite in a mobile app. With Mobile Photoshop express you can retouch, user filters, crop, edit photos and images easily.

Photoshop for Android

2. Photobucket Mobile

Photobucket mobile is an app designed for designers and photographers to make their life easy on sharing the photos/images of any kind on the web. You will get same funcationalties that you get accessing photobucket account on pc.

Photobucket Mobile

3. View Web Source

View webs Source is designed for designers and front end developers. It helps you to check out html code on the fly and even find specific text within source files.

View Web Source

4. Fontest

Fontest is a must have app for designers, this app allows you to see how your fonts render on mobile devices running Android. This app supports TTF and OTF font types, also smoothing re-sizing and one-tap lowercase to uppercase switching. The best part is this awesome app is 100% free.


5. Magic Color Picker

Magic color picker is the nicest app that we could find for Android users. This app features a standard color wheel for selecting the proper color that you require, also a slider to get the perfect shade in HEX, HSL or YUV formats. Another must have app for Android and it is available for free.

Magic Color Picker

6. Photo Enhance

Photo Enhance gives you ability to enhance your taken photos on the fly via adjust and crop type of tools.

Photo enhance

7. ColorSnap

I am a big fan of Sherwin-Williams paints and this app gives you the ability to capture real world colors and match them with Sherwin Williams paint colors for free.


8. SketchBook Mobile

Best suited for designers and artists, developed by Autodesk, SketchBook allows you to mock up layouts, draw sketches and storyboard the designs on your mobile devices. The app requires 1GHz CPU and atleast 512 MB RAM to function properly. This app is not free and will cost $1.99 but if your mobile can can handle this app than you should give a try.

SketchBook Mobile

9. Photo Workshop

Photo Workshop is a very powerful photo editing application available for Android. The easy to use app have many features like Crop, Rotate, Photo Manipulation, Drawing pad, Stamp, Effects, Frames, Text Overlay, Edges, re-size, and many more. The cost of this app is only 2.99$.

Photo Workshop

10. Astrid

A great app for task management, a must have app for all the professionals.


11. Camera Illusion

Camera illusion is free and easy to use application available for Android. This app gives you the ability to change colors, apply different filters and apply common effects on your photos.

Camera Illusion

12. Color Dictionary

Color Dictionary a very handy application for designers. If you are a designer you must know it is very hard to remember color codes, HEX, CMYK and RGB values. This is where this app kicks in, Color Dictionary gives you the ability to pinpoint the exact shade you want to use. Along with comparison tool makes it a must have application. This app costs $1.99 but it worth’s every penny. We are hoping after the release of honey comb we will see much more powerful apps of this kind.

Color Dictionary

13. SilverEdit Lite

With Silver Lite you can create, edit pages online or offline also this handy app have a ftp client to upload files to your server.

SilverEdit Lite

14. AndFTP

AndFTP with the power of JAVA enables you to access your web servers from your mobile device. This app supports SFTP, FTP , FTPS.


15. Image Editor

Another image editor for Android that allows you to edit images.

Image Editor

16. HS Image Cut

HS Image cut allows you to slice an image and you can make a widget like DVR.

HS Image Cut

17. Image Search

This app empowers you with Google Image search API to download image in to your SD card.

Image Search

18. Gallery Lock Lite

If you require to protect your photos/videos and applications than Gallery Lock lite is the right application for you.

Gallery Lock Lite

19. Cloud Print

Cloud print gives you the ability to print your files from your phone.

Cloud Print

20. Pocket Color Chart

Pocket color chart gives you PMS Pantone Matching System which is shred worldwide by the graphic designer.

Pocket Color Chart

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