20+ Best Creative Google+ Brand Pages

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It have become really important to have  presence on Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Also it became important to have mirror look on the social media sites and show some creativity which will grab visitors attention. Therefore we went out and gathered some really creative Google+ brand pages for your inspiration. We are hoping these will help you on exploring the new ideas and also will help you to learn new techniques that people have shown on their pages on Google+

1- Pepsi

I like Pepsi when it comes to the creativity in their campaigns. This time around Pepsi have went into the Music and their slogan on Google+ page is “Where there’s music. there’s Pepsi”.

Pepsi Google+ Brand Pages

2- YouTube

Youtube done a great page on Google+ which offers most interesting videos daily and is updated very frequently. Being a Google company Youtube showed its creativity by showing 5 images at the top.

Youtube Google+ inspiration Page

3- The Muppets

The Muppets Google+ page showed their creativity by giving same look as Time Magazine. The page offers exclusive content which includes, images, vidoes etc.

The Muppets Google+ Brand Pages

4- Angry Birds

Much awaited and more fun was expected on Angry Birds Google+ page, which they did very nice. The 5 images shows whole story in good manner.

Angry Birds Google+ Brand Pages

5- Android

Android page is another addition to Google+ pages and if you want to keep up with the latest stuff than very nice place to visit.

Android Google+ Brand Pages

6- BMW

BMW offers very high quality content on their page and the images they have showed at the top are sliced version of one image. Very nicely done page and serves the purpose nicely.

BMW Google+ Brand Pages

7- Red Bull

Red Bull gave 5 images at top which are animated Gifs which shows nice animation. Awesome content is shared frequently which is fun to watch.

Red Bull Google+ Brand Pages

8- Google Chrome

Google Chrome page serves its base purpose which is showing their capability of browsing and extensions.

Google Chrome Google+ Brand Pages

9- Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is another page on Google+ which is very nicely designed and serves the promotional purpose.

Hugo Boss Google+ Brand Pages

10- Virgin

Virgin page shows nice images at the top which reflects the adventures of life.

Virgin Google+ Brand Pages

11- Yahoo

Now if every one is there why not Yahoo. The search competitor joined Google+ page and showed a nice 5 images at top.

Yahoo Google+ Brand Pages

12- Macy’s

Macy’s Google+ page is a must see on Christmas. Very nice festive colors and gives you Christmas feeling at first glance.

Macy’s Google+ Brand Pages

13- Nissan

Nissan done a great job by displaying 5 animated images at top which gives the feeling the card drives across the screen.

Nissan Google+ Brand Pages

14- Carlsberg

Carlsberg page is very eye catching page to check out.

Carlsberg Google+ Brand Pages

15- Starbucks

Starbucks have shown a great page on Google+. The best part is the response and interaction they offer to their visitors by giving latest deals and asking in which circle they want to be placed.

Starbucks Google+ Brand Pages

16- Gmail

Gmail another great page to view and learn how things really should be done.

Gmail Google+ Brand Pages

17- NASA

NASA’s page is a great place to be. The page is frequently updated on the weather and space events.

NASA Google+ Brand Pages


Toyota as being a top brand placed awesome page. The fives images are the most interesting part of the page.


19- BBC News

Get the latest updates from BBC News on Google+ page.

BBC News Google+ Brand Pages

20- Google+ Pages Team

I was cruious to search and see did Google+ have their own page and viola they have one. The page is simple and very elegant.

Google+ Brand Pages Team

21- Zappos

Zappos showed the product line in a very nice way.

Zappos Google+ Brand Pages

22- Save the Children UK

Save the Children UK a very nice addition to Google+ pages.

Save the Children UK Google+ Brand Pages

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