25 beautiful WordPress plugins for image gallery based on jQuery, lightbox and Flash

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In the presence of wordpress developing and designing is nothing but a piece of cake. WordPress provides you with an infinite number of plugins to add to your website. Today I have chosen plugins for gallery that would definitely help you to add value to your post or page by adding galleries to them. Plugin in the post are based on jQurey, lightbox, Simple and Flash.

1- Featured Content Gallery

Use this plugin to create a customizable rotating image gallery for your website

Featured Content Gallery Plugin

2- Flash Video Gallery

Use this plugin to create flv video galleries for your site.Flash Video Gallery Plugin

3- Dynamic Content Gallery

Dynamic Content Gallery is here which will create an image gallery for your latest post or page and you are going to love the sleek look of this gallery.

Dynamic Content Gallery Plugin

4- Xtreme Dock Gallery

If you are void of Flash coding then what this Dock Image Gallery Application is for you to insert the Banner SWF inside the HT.

Xtreme Dock Gallery Plugin

5- NextGen Cooliris Gallery

With NextGen galleries add albums to your website.

NextGen Cooliris Gallery Plugin

6- Sidebar Photoblog

Sidebar Photoblog Plugin

7- Lightbox Gallery

To change the view of your gallery to lightbox use Lightbox gallery plugin.

Lightbox Gallery Plugin

8- File Gallery

For slide show function and a bundle of skin colours to add to your gallery use file gallery without any programming skills.

File Gallery Plugin

9- DM Albums

DM album is for you if you are a beginner as it will enlarge your photos according to your blog and you can add captions to individual photos and galleries from within the wordpress editor.

DM Albums Plugin

10- Flash Gallery

If you want to insert a large number of photos in your post then, Flash Gallery is your choice with features like full screen, slideshow, album etc.

Flash Gallery Plugin

11- Grand Flash Album Gallery

With a powerful admin panel, Grand Flash Album Gallery is your choice for an integrated plugin.

Grand Flash Album Gallery Plugin

12- Frontpage Slideshow

If you want to create a front page slide show at your front page then this plugin is for you where each picture is clickable to take you to the relevant post.

Front Slider Plugin

13- Ninja Galleries

Well Ninja Galleries live to their name when you find that you can easily create image galleries by tagging your images and then assigning these tags to different galleries.

Ninja Galleries Plugin

14- WordPress Flash Page Flip

Flash Page Flip Admin for WordPress, the name suffice.

WordPress Flash Page Flip Plugin

15- PhotoSmash Galleries

A ‘farewell’ for PhotoSmash.

PhotoSmash Galleries Plugin

16- WordPress Content Slide

WordPress Content Slide is here to create jQuery slideshows anywhere in your blog with a classic touch of fade in fade out.

WordPress Content Slide Plugin

17- NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is with a slideshow option.

NextGEN Gallery Plugin

18. Yet Another Photoblog

Yet Another Photoblog (YAPB) is perfect for bloggers who believe that more images are better than text. Using the YAPB Bulk Uploader plugin, you may upload  a large number of images to your YAPB blog in an instant.

Yet Another Photoblog Plugin

19- Flickr Gallery

Want Flickr photos on your website then use this plugin which enables you customize your flicker photos.

Flickr Gallery Plugin

20- 3D Banner Menu

3d GALLERY is with a spectacular design. Perfect to create 3D photo galleries.

3D Banner Menu Plugin

21- Lazyest Gallery

a powerful plugin with lots of features. It rotates random images from your gallery, fading each one in and out.

Lazyest Gallery Plugin

22- Scatter Gallery

Utilizing jQuery, this plugin can create photo gallery with scattered thumbnails.

Scatter Gallery Plugin

23- Carousel Gallery

This plugin can create a photo gallery with thumbnails moving around like a merry-go-round utilizing jquery.

Carousel Gallery

24- Thumbnail For Excerpts

For adding thumbnails to excerpts.

Thumbnail For Excerpts Plugin

25- Magic Gallery

Though it uses a short code to display images the Magic Gallery is great for creating albums.

Magic Gallery Plugin


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    November 22, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    OMG…I got all the things at one place. Thanks for your hardwork sharing.

  2. Amber

    November 22, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Thanks for the useful gallery plugins, but I want to know what you’re using to comment with facebook. I really like that feature!

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