25 Stunning Google Chrome Add-ons Enhance Your Browsing Experience

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If you are impressed by Google chrome’s speed and memory status but finds it hard to leave Firefox for lack of extensions then do not worry as we have gathered a plethora of solutions for you.

No doubt Firefox had been way ahead of Google chrome but for last two years Google chrome is showing a consistent progress on the basis of its terrific and incredible extensions and memory status not speaking about the amazing extensions  commonly known as add-ons.

The best thing about Google chrome is its ability to install and uninstall these extensions. Here I have gathered a collection of 25 such add-ons which you would find a kind of value addition with Google chrome.

What I would recommend is to try all of these add-ons as it does not take longer to install or uninstall these add- ons.


1- Auto Replay for YouTube

The name says it all in this case as this the feature for which people are longing for a while but there is nothing to worry more about this as Google chrome has an add-on for this and now you would find it easy to watch your favorite songs as many times as you like.


Auto Replay for YouTube

2- Aviary Screen Capture

This is a must have add on for developers and designers as it gives you opportunity to take quick screenshots from any of the web pages and edit them in your browser.

Aviary Screen Capture

3- Shareholic for Google Chrome

This is great add on for sharing links within the browser with anyone using the same browser for any webpage.

Shareholic for Google Chrome

4- After the Deadline

If you are running short on time then this add on is for you to correct your style, grammar and spellings. This is a powerful tool to check everything in the browser for spellings.


After the Deadline

5- jQuery API Browser

This add on is great for calling jQuery API in your browser.

jQuery API Browser

6- EZ Zoom

This add on adds to the value of photo you wnat to save for your future use by zooming it to the extent you desire

EZ Zoom

7- RuulRuul

Developers and designers can not deny the role of ruler in their work but with this add on it becomes more than handy.

8- TumBloggr

This add on is meant for web designers for sharing photos, text and videos. It also supports a number of tumblr accounts editing before publishing.


9- StayFocusd

This add on is to check your deviation and to keep you focused and with the use of this add on you can restrict the waste websites.


10- Resolution Test

This add on helps developers and designers it helps you to check your website in different resolutions.

Resolution Test

11- Picnik

If you have this add on then you need not to go for another editing tool as it gives you the ease of having tools from basic to professional effects while remain at Google chrome.



12- Snippy

Snippy is for you to add thumbnails to your posts


13- The Lorem Ipsum Generator

The Lorem Ipsum Generator

If you do not find time add text to your websites created for your clients then this add on is for you to add The Lorem Ipsum text.

14- Time Machine

You could be a great developer, designer or a freelance working for others but having time machine will add to your scheduling.

Time Machine

15- Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker is for you to check your emails from gmail and other accounts.

Google Mail Checker

16- IE Tab

If you wish you can watch your internet browser pages in Google chrome tab by adding this extension.

IE Tab

17- Pendule

Pendule shows links and embedded style sheets of your currently used pages.



18- SG Plus

If you are an addict of using social media sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter at the same time then this add on is for you as it will add your Facebook and Twitter stream to Google+.


SG Plus

19- Web of Trust (WOT)

Having this add on means saving you from a lot of trouble by having warnings about security threat web pages.


Web of Trust (WOT)

20- goo.gl URL Shortener

goo.gl URL Shortener helps you to shorten your current website URL.

goo.gl URL Shortener

21- SEO for Chrome

No need for attending SEO classes just add this add on to your Google chrome and let it handle your SEO

SEO for Chrome

22- Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer

This add on is great help if you want to view PDF or PPT documents in your chrome browser.

Docs PDF PowerPoint Viewer

23- PageRank

This add on helps you to find page rank of a website you are visiting in Google chrome


24- Daily Stats for Google Analytics

With help of this add on you can get daily stats of Google analytics.

Daily Stats for Google Analytics

25- Extended Share for Google Plus

Well with this add on sharing becomes a fun.

Extended Share for Google Plus

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