30 Free Windows 7 Apps That To Ease Your Life

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Windows 7 operating brought a new light in the world of operating systems by its efficiency, how it behaves, especially how it looks and feels. The full packed Windows 7 comes with many in built features that have made life easier for everyone. Don’t forget the market for Windows 3rd part softwares is huge just to make life easier for average peoples.

We today are publishing 30 really awesome freeware Windows 7 applications that will make things easier for you. Enjoy these apps and do share if you know other software that people can use and take benefit.

1- On Screen Volume Control Indicator For Windows

3RVX was built for Mac Os but now its available for Windows as well. The best thing about this handy software is the skinning of volume indicator and the binding hotkeys to take full control.


On Screen

Download | Download Skins

2- Disk Analysis Made Beautiful With Disk Space Fan

Disk Space Fan is one of the best disk analysis tool I came across which is way cooler than windows built in analysis tools. The handy application surpasses system tools that in Windows by all means. Disk space fan provides each and every folder, files detail along with the space they are using in a very beautiful graphical form. Give this app a go and you will enjoy everything it offers.

Disk Analysis

3- Automatically Mute Speakers On Lock

If you want to Mute the sounds when you leave or lock you Windows screens than Mute on Lock is the application for your.

Automatically Mute Speakers On Lock

4- Google Quick Search Box In Windows 7 Taskbar

If you have installed Internet Explorer 8 than this application is in your quick launch bar, this handy tool offers you to do search queries and get suggestions right at your desktop.

Google Quick Search Box

5- Switcher

Switcher gives you the power to explore how mac users switch their screens easily. When we switch tabs in Windows usually we have no idea where and which one we will land, though this awesome application will show you which app windows is on which key so you can just jump to the right screen every time.


6- Ditto

Copy pasting objects files or text never grows old and Windows have done pretty good job on handling this feature. But Ditto enhances this feature even more by placing a universal clipboard to store every single object the has been copied or pasted order wise.


7- OpenOffice

OpenOffice a awesome package that you can use for free. Openoffice is very similar to Microsoft Office in all the aspects. You will enjoy the power that it have to offer.


8- Handbrake

Handbrake made it a breeze to convert video files to another format. Feature include basic subtitling, chapter selection and audio embedding. Put a handbrake on your spending and use handbrake to convert your video files.


9- Fences

Well it may be in denial to the anthropologists who claimed that fences are nothing but a way of discrimination as Windows 7 is about to launch its new taskbar naming it ‘Fences’. It may not go well with ideal situations contemplated by researchers but it definitely will go well with desktop users as it will give you a really organized desktop fencing different icons on your desktop in a beautiful manner and you would find in complete disagreement with the sociologists when you will find that fences are to make your life a lot easier.


10- CCleaner

CCleaner is a betterment of its predecessors which cleans up the piles of unnecessary junk files from your hard drive but there are some other reasons for slowing down your computer and one of these reasons is some annoying program residing on your computer with the aim not to leave but CCleaner forces such programs to leave.


11- Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is convincingly flawed due to its larger download as compared to its rivals such as Foxit PDF but there is some strong plus point in having Adobe Reader than Foxit PDF as it keeps a constant footprint on resources.

Adobe Reader

12- Windows 7 Setup Customization With Win Integrator

Well it is more than customization what you would experience with Win Integrator with the options to choose from what to install and what to remove, what drivers to add and what not all as per your choice and that too prior to installation. Win Integrator is easy to use and getting the job done in effective way.

Windows 7 Setup Customization With Win Integrator

13- Notepad ++

Well though Windows 7 has not make any improvements to its Paint and Notepad, a freebie Notepad ++ has expanded the functionality of the notepad by adding tabbed windows to it which are proving a dream come true for a programmer and above all it has support for different programming languages. Rightly named Notepad ++.


14- Enhancemyse7en

It is a new bundle of easiness which provides you options from detecting system clutter to cleaning registry problems. Not only this but Enhancemyse7en also monitors your hard drive for work time and temperature and gives you the time to wait when a program hangs.


15- Picasa

Picasa is something to save a lot of your hard drive at your desktop with option of making the photos available to you in a well organized manner. Created by Google, Picasa has the prowess of fixing your photos, posting them online and above all you can preview these pictures in Windows explorer folders.


16- VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is not just about the glowing colors but its developers have focused on core aspects and it is able to play virtually any video or audio format.

VLC Media Player

17- Auto Login And Lock Windows 7

Well waiting for Windows to process its all functions could be annoying for any PC holder. Well this Auto Login and Lock Windows 7 gives you the freedom of having the operating system log in automatically while the Windows continue its process of loading in the background and user is free to attend to some other tasks.

Auto Login And Lock Windows 7

18- GIMP

Well Paint has been improved in Windows 7 but not to the extent of meeting the needs of professionals to make them replace it with their Photoshop. GIMP has come in as a diamond of freebies with a remarkable quality and quantity of options from 3D to eye popping render effects.


19- Firefox

Everybody owns a favorite browser but open source Mozilla Firefox is one of the best for increasing functionality and productivity with Sxipper and Firegestures.


20- Open & View Any File With Universal Viewer

Well it has the ability to give you the strongest option of viewing your major file formats from anywhere in the Windows OS. Universal Viewer supports viewing MS Word, Excel files with the option of context menu which has hard to believe flexibility of using this software from anywhere while running Windows 7.

Open & View Any File With Universal Viewer

21- Defraggler

CC Cleaners have also created Defraggler which is defragmentation tool for Windows with the ability to defragment individual files as well as a specific portion of a drive. It saves a lot of your time on defragmentation.


22- Customize Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails

Taskbar Thumbnails is an interesting tool which allows the modification of thumbnail size of Aero Peek and it is quite useful at the time when you want to know about the closer and larger preview of what is going on in your active windows.

Customize Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails

23- Clean Up Windows Desktop With Zum

Zum is a great application with ease of use, artistic design and minimalist features if you want to keep your desktop clutter free.

Clean Up Windows Desktop With Zum

24- Auto Run, Perform Actions, & Sort Files Based On File Extensions

Psycho Folder is executes specific operations according to the file extensions and with the prowess of XML configuration, the possibilities of its use are limitless.

Auto Run, Perform Actions, & Sort Files Based On File Extensions

25- Recuva

Recuva is a freeware that gives you options of recovering from the Recycle Bin, MP3 Players and memory cards with the claim to recover corrupted and damaged files. This free tool appeals everyone from professionals to amateurs.


26- 7Stacks

Stacks is a positive addition to Mac OS X Dock but what if you have the option of doing that on Windows taskbar. Well 7Stacks is here to provide you insight into your documents with a matching aero theme effect which gives you the feeling of having a great Mac feature on PC.


27- 7-Zip

With 7 Zip you are able to zip files up to 40% smaller than the usual zip formats.


28- Windows Live Essentials

To our surprise Windows has no Windows Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Live Messenger by default and if these essentials are put a price tag, people would not hesitate to buy them so have all these essentials downloaded to your PC.

Windows Live Essentials

29- Eraser

Despite several mishaps people still use PC to store their important personal information such as passwords and bank statements and files deleted are not necessarily deleted forever and people can manage to recover this data which could prove disastrous if used wrongly but with the help of Eraser you can get rid of such worries as it erased data by overwriting the files for several times to make it gone forever.


30- Convert Any Media From Windows Explorer Context Menu

Oxelon Media Converter has topped the list of converters for its ease of use which supports Windows Explorer context menu integration with quick conversion and encoding utility.

Convert Any Media From Windows Explorer Context Menu

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