30 iPhone 4s Covers: Beautiful, Bold & Blunt

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iPhone 4S has been making bigger waves and is all the time high with the cellular lovers who spend big to be lavish. If you have spent big bucks, you will not mind spending more bucks on the protection of your most precious item. The market is full with the eye-pleasing and classy covers (pouches) designed specifically for iPhone 4S. Above all these covers have surprising features, which add more values to your phone and multiply fun. Check them out.

1- Amphibian Waterproof Case

For the ones who want to stay more on the beaches and enjoying around and inside the pool. This case serves well for your needs since it protects your iPhone from the water and even you can take a deep dive into the water and take pictures inside Wow! Great idea, isn’t it?

Amphibian Waterproof Case iPhone 4s Covers

2- MiSuny iPower 4

You may now go green getting laced with an altogether different touch of baby blue, cream, black or pink. By the time you like going green while using the iPhone 4S and want having some additional battery enhancement for the web, games, music and social networking – then MiSuny iPower 4 comes up as a big option for you. It is laced with a built in social charger plus a back solar panel which delivers a full 2400mAh charge for the phone.

MiSuny iPhone 4s Covers

3- Boxwave Keyboard Buddy Case

This case has a separate charger to let the keyboard use its own power supply which has the potential to stay up to 45 days after the charging gets full.

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy Case iPhone 4s Covers

4- Michael Kors Wallet Clutch

Well, this we all know that iPhone 4S not only entices the males but also the females. Thus this case has been designed keeping both genres in mind. With this case, the users can turn the gadget into a lavishly stylish and fashionable item since it fits well to all occasions – dinner, night outs, dating and everything. It is laced with the credit card sleeves as well.

Michael Kors Wallet Clutch iPhone 4s Covers

5- Trendy Denim Case

If you are clad with jeans and love to wear it, this case adds values then. It comes in various varieties like plain jeans with buttons on the lower side of the case. It is offered in various colors to fit to your liking.

Trendy Denim iPhone 4s Covers

6- Grovemade Bamboo Case

Sick of plastic, polymers and rubber then bamboo should be your choice for iPhone cover. Your option in iPhone covers is natural and elegant bamboo and when every chance is there to change then go for bamboo.


Grovemade Bamboo iPhone 4s Covers

7- CandyShell

Best for face time chat with one-year warranty with the facility for hand free movie watching option. You have the option to retract the kickstand back inside. This matte-finish hard shell cover gives you the impression of impact-resistant protection but it can easily slip out of your pocket.

CandyShell iPhone 4s Covers

8- LifeProof iPhone 4S case

These covers with slim and cool exterior are lightweight and are just 1.5mm thick and weighs only 28 grams. With IP-86 protection against dust and water, this cover designed with military specifications costs only $ 70 in the US market.

LifeProof iPhone 4s Covers

9- Opena Case

It could be a trick in your sleeve if you opt for this sturdy PC/ABS hard case for your iPhone 4S which is able to protect your phone from all kinds of bumps and scrapes. Its back holds a stainless steel bottle opener for opening up a frosty beverage whenever you feel for …


Opena iPhone 4s Covers

10- Twelve South BookBook

This old looking leather bookcase is best for you if you are ready to fool around that you are a bookworm or just enjoying an old book, Twelve South BookBook is your choice of a vintage cover. You have the option to place your credit cards or wallet-sized picture in it.


Twelve South BookBook iPhone 4s Covers

11- Case Mate Creatures

If you are an animal lover then this Case Mate Creatures iPhone cover is for you. You have the option of choosing from a penguin, an owl, a monkey, a clownfish and a panda. This silicone made cover will never slip out of your pocket.


Case Mate Creatures iPhone 4s Covers

12- Incipio Offgrid Backup Battery Case

This Incipio Offgrid Backup Battery Case has the ability to extend the life of your battery. With a few millimeters of extra on iPhone it is best option for emergencies.


Incipio Offgrid Backup Battery Case iPhone 4s Covers

13- Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Mophie is extra power juice for your iPhone with 2000mAh of additional fun. This pack plus is with richer fuller sound to enhance speaker sound output.


Mophie Juice Pack Plus iPhone 4s Covers

14- Trexta Rotating Folio iPhone Wallet

This is best case for wallet design lovers. Trexta Rotating Folio iPhone Wallet is your choice which also holds your credit cards. It comes with the stand with the ability of rotation for position adjustment.


Trexta Rotating Folio iPhone Wallet iPhone 4s Covers

15- iPhone 4S Wooden case

This wooden camera iPhone Case of natural sheen of wood is best for decorating your iPhone. The cushion linings facilitate insertion of iPhone.


iPhone 4S Wooden case iPhone 4s Covers

16- Cleave

Cleave is an aluminum bumper case with a sporty look which is simple and easy to hold.


Cleave iPhone 4s Covers

17- Switcheasy Duo

It is one of the best selling leather case which is popular among ladies as it fits their handbags. With black, brown and tan colors, this microfiber lining case has inner safety strap to protect your iPhone 4S.


Switcheasy Duo iPhone 4s Covers

18- Pico Genie A100

Pico Genie A100 is here to add to the multimedia prowess of your iPhone 4S which has 12 lumens of projection brightness and 2 watt speakers to give you the opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows, videos and pictures.


Pico Genie A100 iPhone 4s Covers

19- CalypsoCase Sparkling and Dazzling editions

This CalypsoCase with sparkling and dazzling editions and with limited edition option this will be available in 99 numbers.


CalypsoCase Sparkling and Dazzling editions iPhone 4s Covers

20- OtterBox Commuter Series Case

OtterBox Commuter Series is most popular iPhone case. It has two layered protection shock case with a self-adhesive protection strip. It has many colors to choose from. With good gripping, made of plastic these OtterBox cases are here to protect your iPhone from accidental drops.


OtterBox Commuter Series Case iPhone 4s Covers

21- Hand Candy O Series Case

Hand Candy O Series is a feast for lovers of print designs. Made of polycarbonate and rubber with high gloss finish this case has easy access to all ports, speakers and mic.


Hand Candy O Series Case iPhone 4s Covers

22- Speck FabShell Burton

Fabric lovers has Speck FabShell Burton. With rubber edge to absorb shocks and ease of handling this iPhone 4S cover gives you option to choose from many of the fabric designs.


Speck FabShell Burton iPhone 4s Covers

23- Case Mate Tank

Case Mate Tank is the newest contender for being the hardest iPhone case and with a rock solid protective sheath which reinforces the screen protection it is a must buy.


Case Mate Tank iPhone 4s Covers

24- Case Mate Barely There

This super slim-line case is to avoid breakage of your iPhone 4S with a flexible rubber coating.


Case Mate Barely There iPhone 4s Covers

25- Speck PixelSking HD

With a smooth grid texture, rubber matte finish and choice of different colors, Speck PixelSling HD is the coolest cover for your iPhone 4S.


Speck PixelSking HD iPhone 4s Covers

26- Case Mate Monsta

Case Mate Monsta is to give your iPhone a look of bloody hungry monster.


Case Mate Monsta iPhone 4s Covers

27- Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case

Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case is made from polycarbonates to protect iPhone from bumps and knocks.


Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case iPhone 4s Covers

28- QDOS Titanium Style Case

Titanium means toughness and with QDOS Style Case, your iPhone absorbs the most of the shocks from being tossed around and with titanium, it is able to avoid minor cracks.


QDOS Titanium Style Case iPhone 4s Covers

29- Rhinestone Inlaid Case

Rhinestoe Inlaid Case is here studded with gold and diamond.


Rhinestone Inlaid Case iPhone 4s Covers

30- Pinlo United Aluminium Edge

Pinlo United Aluminum Edge is here as a lightweight case which protects your iPhone 4S from drops on flat surface.


Pinlo United Aluminium Edge iPhone 4s Covers

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