30 Premium Magento Themes for E-Commerce Projects

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Every commerce will become e-commerce was said by a researcher and we believe in the fact that in the coming days e-commerce will become one of the top businesses of selling and buying goods and services online. The credit goes to internet connected world and an increasing number of users with each passing day.

E-commerce success is not a miracle. It was due to happen because of the soaring number of Internet users every day. However, there have been companies that started developing shopping cart software and themes for such e-commerce projects. From a plethora of e-commerce platforms, Magento is one of the easiest to integrate and it is one of the open source technologies with really handy features associated with. It manages the functionality of your e-commercestore giving you full control to develop your e-store the way you like.

Magento gives you everything to benefit from the cyber world including analytics, reporting, SEO, customer service, management, options for multiple payment features, marketing tools, international support, browsing products and categories, order management and above all mobile commerce.

You just have to have a Magento template which you are free to customize and to your delighted surprise these themes are easy to customize to the extent that even amateurs can handle their interactive interface easily. You can enhance and stylize your store with Magento and for your inspiration we have gathered a selection of 25 awesome Magento themes of e-commerce projects.

Check them out and select one to meet your e-commerce needs as all commerce is going to be e-commerce.

1- Miniml Magento Theme

Miniml Magento Theme


2- mEbay


3- Fortis – flexible Magento Theme

Fortis – flexible Magento Theme

4- Santana Fashion Store

Santana Fashion Store

5- HelloWired


6- Fashion Magento Template

Fashion Magento Template

7- Kitchen Store

Kitchen Store

8- HighTech Magento Theme

HighTech Magento Theme

9- Grayscale Free Magento Template

Grayscale Free Magento Template

10- Accessories Car Magento Theme

Accessories Car Magento Theme

11- Furniture Magento Theme

Furniture Magento Theme

12- Exdress-Medusa Luxury Fashion Store Magento Theme

Exdress-Medusa Luxury Fashion Store Magento Theme

13- Hardwood Magento Theme

Hardwood Magento Theme

14- T-Shirt Store Magento Theme

T-Shirt Store Magento Theme

15- Shmotki


16- i-Store Magento Theme

i-Store Magento Theme

17- Layover Magento

Layover Magento

18- Apparel Store Magento Theme

Apparel Store Magento theme

19- Dropshipper Magento Theme

Dropshipper Magento Theme

20- T-Shirts Magento

T-shirts magento

21- Acumen


22- Crisp and Clean

Crisp and Clean

23- Furniture Store

Furniture Store

24- Moving


25- Apparel and Clothes Magento Template

Apparel and Clothes Magento Template

26- Organic Magento Theme

Organic Magento Theme

27- Boutique – Magento Theme

Boutique – Magento Theme

28- Magento Dark Grunge Theme

Magento Dark Grunge Theme

29- Akihabara Magento Commerce Theme

Akihabara Magento Commerce Theme

30- Woodrow — Customizable Magento Theme

Woodrow — Customizable Magento Theme

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