40+ Amazing & Really USeful Admin Panels for Web Applications

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There are more and more application coming at the internet horizon claiming your help and trying to give you the impression that they are here to make your life easier. Many are getting The API Key for using social media networks. There are plenty of tutorials available that teach you how to make an app using API key. What is needed is an out of the box idea to hit.

What I want to convey is simply an Administrative Panel and for your convenience to have your internet stake, I have gathered these 40+ useful, appealing and fully featured back-end control panels to give you enough room to start your own app.

Administration panels are a must have for web applications like e-commerce and CMS (Content Management System). They all are filled with features which are going to make your web application more than easier with the prowess of jQuery to make them animated.

1- UltraAdmin Full Control

It is an advanced but easy to use Admin Panel which includes 4 color schemes with login facility and all that you need for your control panel. You are ready to create whatever page you want to generate.

UltraAdmin Full Control

2- Profi Admin

This clean yet simple style template has complexity beyond your expectations. It is a wordpress administrative panel layout (happy wordpress users!)

Profi Admin


3- Simpla Admin

Simpla is really simple and user friendly and it is with the prowess of jQuery.

Simpla Admin


4- Encore Admin

It is a package of an administrative panel

Encore Admin


5- Flexi Liquid Admin

Flexi is your flexible choice in administrative control panel.

Flexi Liquid Admin


6- Complete Liquid Admin Panel

It is complete in web developing requirement sense and from this admin panel you may create on of your desired apps as completely as possible.

Complete Liquid Admin Panel


7- Admintasia backend control panel

This backend administrative panel has a user friendly interface with ease of use with only three small images.

Admintasia backend control panel


8- eManager

This is how a CMS skin should look. eManager is your ultimate choice for managing your content.



9- Cleanity Complete Admin

Cleanity is a professional admin panel with compilation options of all features that you may need for an administrative panel.

Cleanity Complete Admin


10- Smart Admin

Smart is really smart for being a cutting edge theme which is suitable for any CMS interace.

Smart Admin


11- Meta Admin

Meta Admin has all the ease of use with 4 color scheme which you will find attractive enough to choose this panel.

Meta Admin


12- Fresh CMS

It is really fresh in the sense that it holds a fresh skin which may amaze you and your client at the same time.

Fresh CMS


13- Constellation Complete Admin Skin

It is worth its name with plenty of options.

Constellation complete admin skin


14- Boxie Admin Panel

A complete package of style, simplicity in web administration.

Boxie Admin Panel


15- Flexy Admin

It is advanced yet easy to use administrative panel with 7 color variations.

Flexy Admin


16- Ultimate Admin Panel Solution

This theme is here to add value to your php work which may not feel so appealing visually.

Ultimate Admin Panel Solution


17- Titanium

Titanium is about tons of features for you.




18- Slate Admin

Clean and simple like a slate this theme for administrative panel should be your choice for simplicity.

Slate Admin


19- Broom Cupboard Admin Skin

This package is simple and stylish.

Broom Cupboard Admin Skin


20- Handsome Admin Skin

Ultimate admin skin. Can be used to suit any needs.

Handsome Admin Skin


21- Projectic

This theme is best for project administration.



22- Xtreme Admin

This Xtreme admin panel is for your web administration tasks to enjoy.

Xtreme Admin


23- Chocolate Admin

It is really chocolate if you have some know how about admin panel.

Chocolate Admin


24- Dark Admin

Lightweight, easy and dark … not a girl but this HTML admin template is all what you need.

Dark Admin


25- Equinox cPanel

Cool Cpanel for your convenience.

Equinox cPanel


26- Easy Admin

When it comes to easy Admin then Easy Admin is your ultimate choice.

Easy Admin


27- Primo Admin Panel

Highly user friendly and professional admin template.

Primo Admin Panel


28- Black Admin

V2 is Black admin skin which is able to integrate your CMS.

Black Admin


29- Acid App Admin Panel

Perfect for online applications and scripts with XHTML.

Acid App Admin Panel


30- Forest Control Panel

ForestCP is an great and easy to customize backend administration user interface.

Forest Control Panel


31- See Admin Interface

New and beautiful which is based on jQuery framework.

See Admin Interface


32- Sleek Admin Skin

Really for great CMS but equally useful for custom built applications.

Sleek Admin Skin


33- Magic Admin

The magic of admin panel lies with Magic Admin.

Magic Admin


34- Site Core Admin Panel

Simple, Stylish, Sleek and easy to use.

Site Core Admin Panel


35- Pro Admin Template

For professionals with ability to integrate existing projects.

Pro Admin Template


36- Wide Admin

It is really ready to use admin panel for any software/CMS.

Wide Admin


37- AP Admin Panel

It has abundance of jQuery effects to work for almost everything.

AP Admin Panel


38- Ninja Admin

Sharp like a Ninja, this efficient admin skin is easy to modify.

Ninja Admin


39- Magneto Admin Skin

With power of a magnate to attract your customer this admin skin is best for professionals.

Magneto Admin Skin


40- Funktion Admin

Have this function and get all your jQuery functions done in minutes.

Funktion Admin


41- Great Admin

This is really great admin panel which is worth its name

Great Admin


42- Platinum

Platinum is really platinum selection if you made this your admin panel you get the feel of having the superb.


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