6 Useful Firefox Extensions for developers

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This appears to be quite normal and simple for SEOs to have a look at the source code of every web page of a website while they browse. Thus it becomes obvious that they want tools which may represent the information in a better manner or confer with the extra valuable options to make experiment with.

Below mentioned are the best extensions. The users can select the one best suits for the needs or requirements.

1. View Source Chart


View Source Chart Screen Shot

This one allows you to see the page source code in much easy understandable format since it highlights the structure and tags. It shows off the HTML tag boundaries graphically and defines the tag nesting, structure and hierarchy too in graphic style.

2. JSView 2.0.8



This extension allows the users to have the access to the information on all pages external js/css files instantly and with more ease from the context menu, toolbar, status bar and view menu.

3. HighlightAll


HighlightAll 1.5

HighlightAll extension emphasizes on all the page elements which happen to be identical in source code and then it makes the calculations of the number of occurrences.

4. Html Validator


Html Validator

This one adds a tiny icon on the status bar and this icon then instantly validates the code by the time page loads.

5. View Formatted Source


View formatted source

This extension shows off the structured variant of the source and then lets the folding/unfolding block elements. It also flaunts which CSS rules are matching to each elements.

6. SourceEditor


SourceEditor Firefox Extension

This appears to be a handy tool which lets the users to make the editing of a web page right in the browser with ease and instantly.

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