60+ Free High Quality Photoshop Textures

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If you are a designer, animator or an artist, than you knows how important textures are! Either it’s a background, icons, text effect, website layout you defiantly need textures to make things look awesome.  Here we have selected 60+ high quality Photoshop textures for you to use them as you want and give your designs a boost. We hope you will like these enjoy the textures collection below…

1- Retro Old Dirty Paper Texture

Retro Old Dirty Paper Texture

2- Asphalt texture

Asphalt Photoshop Textures

3- Rust Textures

Rust Photoshop Textures

4- Rippled Rock

Rippled Rock Photoshop Textures

5- Assorted Textures Set No. 1

Assorted Textures Set No. 1

6- Old Paper Textures

Old Paper  Photoshop Textures

7- Stone texture

Stone Photoshop Textures

8- Blue Stones

Blue Stones Photoshop Textures

9- Old Paper for scrapbook 1 to 5

Old Paper for scrapbook 1 to 5

10- Candy And Scrap Textures

Candy And Scrap Textures

11- Rocks texture

Rocks Photoshop Textures

12- Tree Stock

Tree Stock Photoshop Textures

13- Old German Scripture

Old German Scripture

14- Shattered Stone

Shattered Stone

15- Sea Shells

Sea Shells

16- Color Grunge Textures

Color Grunge Textures

18- Stone+Wood Textures Stockpack

Stone+Wood Textures Stockpack

19- Watery Parking Lot Stones

Watery Parking Lot Stones

20- Grate Paper

Grate Paper

21-  Ultimate Grunge Pack: 40 High-Res Textures

Ultimate Grunge Pack, 40 High-Res Textures

22- Wood Sketch

Wood Sketch

23- Stone Textures

Stone Textures

24- 6 Peeling Grunge Paper Texture

6 Peeling Grunge Paper Texture

25- Grunge Textures

Grunge Textures

26- Bokeh Dark Purple

Bokeh Dark Purple

27- Stone Wall

Stone Wall Photoshop Textures

28- Large Cloud Textures

Large Cloud Textures

29- Light Texture

Light Photoshop Textures

30- Hongos Texture

Hongos Texture

31- Old paper-grunge

Old paper-grunge Photoshop Textures

32- Colorful Textures

Colorful Textures

33- Black Pearl III

Black Pearl III

34- Reptil Skin

Reptil Skin

35- Vintage 1 to 5

Vintage 1 to 5 Photoshop Textures

36-Large Painted Textures

Large Painted Textures

37- Metallic Leather Texture

Metallic Leather Texture

38- Pizza Texture

Pizza Texture

39- Torn Paper

Torn Paper

40- Big Textures Of Notebook

Big Textures Of Notebook

41- A With Walkiing

A With Walkiing

42- Plush Algae on boards free

Plush Algae on boards free

43- Paper Textures Pack 02

Paper Textures Pack 02

44- Rotten Light Large Textures

Rotten Light Large Textures

45- Brick Wall

Brick Wall

46- Splats and Splatters Texture

Splats and Splatters Texture

47- Old Sheet Music Paper

Old Sheet Music Paper

48- Large Scanned Textures

Large Scanned Textures

49- Skateboard grip tape texture

Skateboard grip tape texture

50- Beach Rocks

Beach Rocks

51- Paper Weight

Paper Weight

52- High-Res Red Rocks Texture Pack

High-Res Red Rocks Texture Pack

53- Stone Texture 7– Seamless

Stone Texture 7– Seamless

54- Sponge Texture

Sponge Texture

55- Blue Torn Rice Paper Texture

Blue Torn Rice Paper Texture

56- Miscellaneous Textures

Miscellaneous Textures

57- Scrapbook paper 1 to 5

Scrapbook paper 1 to 5

58- Seamless Oats Texture

Seamless Oats Texture

59- Handmade Paper Texture

Handmade Paper Texture

60- Original Scrapbook Textures

Original Scrapbook Textures

61- 23 Paper Based Textures

23 Paper Based Textures

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