7 Cs of Effectively Dealing with Clients

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In the world of customers, we had that client which comes with a huge complicated assignment and a lot of anger with it. But we all had to deal with this. Here are few tips for dealing the client demands effectively.

We are told a satisfied customer means, more business and more business means more pay and more pay means more fun. So the underline is Make Your Customer Happy (at every cost).

1. Collection:

Remember an idea can change your life and a mediocre idea that’s presented well can outperform a great idea that’s presented poorly. So, logic would tell us that a great idea that’s presented well is the winning combination to shoot for.

2. Clarity:

There’s an easy way you can mitigate the problems caused by bad clients in a project. Some of the most frequent complaints given about design clients have to do with time. In your project contract include a clause which breaks down your expected compensation in the event of a rush job or any overtime work.

3. Contracts:

If you have not done so earlier, it is the time for you to go with one.

4. Case:

Your case should be presented in such a manner that your portfolio speaks out of your business more than you.

5. Consciousness:

Be conscious of your role as educator and try to teach your client about his needs.

6. Casual:

If it suits you be casual and enjoy your life as freelancer because as a regular employee you come up with such clients who are quite difficult at times.

7. Client Anger (Directed)

Be prepared for a personal or personality based anger and respond accordingly;

Selectively disclosing some personal aspects of yourself that might help the client see you as “a real person,” gently challenging the biases they currently hold of you.

Ask a peer who might have similar qualities as you to see if the client treats this peer the same way. The peer may be able to validate your experiences; this peer may be able to offer you suggestions about approaches that they have found work in dealing with the client’s anger.

7a. Client Anger (Displaced) : 

Displaced anger is misdirected anger that is directed at you by the client, when in reality the client should be directing the anger at the person who “caused” the anger. In such a situation;

Give the client a chance at the start of your meeting to externalize some of the displayed anger.

Take cues from the client about how much he wants to “vent” about the subject.

Actively redirecting the client to his work with you, while subtly helping him realize that he is really not angry with you.

7b. Content based Anger:

When encountering a client with this type of legitimate, content-based anger, positive steps that you can take to diffuse the situation and keep the focus on getting the job done would be to:

Non-defensively own up to your mistake or failure in a tone suggestive of “looking them in the eye”

Do not make excuses for your behavior

Ask them what they believe is the most important thing to do right now to correct the situation

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