Best online tools for the web designers and freelancers

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Today is the era of web applications and the demand of the web applications has been shooting to heights as the days progress. Even we have been witnessing that the web browsers are being designed around them. There are endless amount of tools available but the ones which are simply outstanding and above all save the designers and freelancers’ time should be used. Here we make the list of those which will help the designers completely. Check these out.


This one is an online application which lets the designers and freelancers to track time and bill the customers with utmost ease. By using the control panel, you are entitled to perform a number of tasks such as generating the reports and estimates, custom invoices, adding clients and team and to name a few. It is a MUST one.Freshbooks online tools for the web designers and freelancers


For the average web designer, Grab Up happens to be a super file sharing service. By simply downloading the free software, you can start uploading the files and share them with anyone or your clients. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

grabup online tools for the web designers and freelancers

Instant WordPress

This application is called the complete standalone, portable WordPress development environment since it easily turns any Windows machine into a WordPress development server. The interesting thing is that it may even run from any USB key.

Instant WordPress online tools for the web designers and freelancers


It is said that Dropbox is the best one tool available online. The software can be downloaded for mac, windows or Linux and you may even simply drag and drop all of your files or data right into your Dropbox folder, the rest will be done by this application meaning that it will then upload all the data over the web. Additionally you have the option to share the data/files between the computers. Besides you have the access to a web control panel where you can manage all of your files. Even you may easily paste your Dropbox file links with anyone.

Dropbox online tools for the web designers and freelancers


The designers and the freelancers are always in need of managing the projects and they have to make note of what they are to do every day. This application is easy to use and above all free to use. Even it offers app for iPhone, thus you can access your to-do list from any place where you can access to the web.

Toodledo online tools for the web designers and freelancers


Kular best tools for web designers and freelancers

Kular is powered by Adobe, this fully database driven Flash application allows designers to create custom color schemes and save them for Photoshop. Also the user contributed swatches can be downloaded as well.


pixlr Best online tool for designers and freelancers

This online tool is awesome for online image editing. Pixlr is available in 13 languages which makes is widely best tool. Its a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop but don’t expect too much from this handy tool though it very well can handle day-to-day basis imaged editing tasks.


Typetester Best online tool for designer and freelancers

Tyetester allows web designer to test different fonts in real time. Also you can modify any font property, best suited when you are on the move and you need to finalize the basic idea.

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