Best Ways for Freelancers to accomplish goals avoiding procrastination

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Best Ways for Freelancers to accomplish goals avoiding procrastination

Freedom comes with responsibility and no doubt being one’s own boss is heaven on earth for people working as freelancers. You enjoy your own schedule, working hours and what not at the same time accomplishing your goals.

But as the saying goes, ‘No Gain without Pain’, there comes moments when you find it hard to coop with all the distractions you come across being a freelancer. Your mother is calling in to tell you something about the beautiful girl who helped her at the grocery store and fortunately who lived a few blocks away from your home. Your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts are calling for updates and you are feeling that you are about to fall behind the schedule and all that matters for you is a hard earned client and now you have to show him or her that you can do it.

For freelancers the world is filled with distractions, your home phone starts ringing when your family is out and you just have started your assignment, your neighbor’s dog starts barking to let you know that you are not alone and he wants to share his sympathies with you in a more than usual louder voice.

You have had experienced these distractions more than once in your freelance career and to turn your attention to the tasks like answering an email will take much of your precious time and at the end of two to three hours you will be pinching in your head and thinking how time has passed so quickly.

Dictionary of a freelance should be void of the word ‘Later’, as Sidney Sheldon has told us; tomorrow never comes and so does later.

Your family and your friends are no freelancers so they would not be able to understand your schedule and commitments. For many you would be searching for lucrative job on internet without knowing that you would be in the middle of what they call a hectic assignment from a really bitchy boss.

Well enough is enough

  • Set your goals on daily basis and if you fail to do that you really are at a losing end as you must have a clear idea of what you have to accomplish today (No Later).
  • You must be able to break down your weekly schedule to daily schedule in order to able to check the progress on daily basis.
  • Create time for social media and other like tasks and do not consider them a part of the daily work but does it in your own time (time you saved for rest or something like that).
  • Don’t go for 9-5 as it will suck all the charm of being a freelancer. Set your schedule according to your current status. If you are parent you must set your schedule where you can also look after your new generation.
  • Don’t become workaholic and save time for fun and play.
  • Break your schedule into smaller breaks of 10 to 15 minutes instead of having two large breaks of 30 minutes.
  • Keep your work schedule right at your desktop and do not forget to look at it once in a while to remind yourself that you are enjoying the life of a freelancer.



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