Death of Adobe Flash is Rise of HTML5, and Eenox is Developers’ Option

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Death of Adobe Flash is Rise of HTML5, and Eenox is Developers’ Option

The fate of Adobe Flash was almost decided when two Steve(s) decided to shift for other platforms. If you are familiar with Steve Jobs of Apple and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, you would deem that Adobe Flash is doomed in the wake of two technology giants moving away from Adobe Flash.

Apple does not support Flash being a behemoth but that does not mean that Flash has not helped people. Flash has served a whole lot of people by revolutionizing the multimedia world both on online and handheld devices.

And as old habits die hard so is the case with Flash and despite popularity of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Flash is used by almost every PC user and people will continue using Flash for years to come for its compatibility, availability for developing games.

The rise of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is an alarm for Adobe Flash but it does not mean death of Flash not in the near future.

Flash will die indeed but with the rise of mobile, lightweight devices like mobile phones where using Flash applications will become a hassle and in the fast moving world of today nobody wants to get into hassle to play some games for fun on his or her palm device.

The death of Adobe Flash will not be shocking news for majority of developers as they had already expected HTML5 taking the control of much of the mobile and desktop websites.

But the world is moving too fast and the newest start-up is from France, Eenox which has come forward to help developers to create HTML5 websites. So what is so new in this, Eenox is providing you a platform where you can create websites without writing a single line of code. If you have worked with Wix then it will be a great platform for you with drag and drop features. Eenox works on the same principal.

Eenox has come forward as an application that you can use from your browser and designing application/website is easy where it is literally a drag and drop, draw and place application.

Eenox serves as an online web design and editing software where you have the option of creating and downloading from your browser and you can create  touch-optimized interactive websites and mobile applications even if you have no technical knowledge required.

Eenox designs simultaneously for creative professionals and beginners.

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