How to open illustrator files in Photoshop?

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There appear certain times when you land into the need of opening an illustrator file in photoshop. Might be you come into the need of adding few raster effects to it or incorporating the vector file into photoshop composite. There may also come up a time when you need to send across the illustrator file to someone who does not have it or even does not know how to operate it! Whatever the reason or your purpose is, there exist a number of ways to import or export the illustrator file which ensures utmost quality and compatibility. Let’s learn the ways to open the illustrator files in Photoshop.

Open the program (Photoshop), go to ‘File’ and open it and then navigate to the illustrator document. Photoshop would select the format called ‘Photoshop PDF’.

Photoshop PDF

By the time you click ‘Ok’, you are provided with few import options. On the left side, the user finds a thumbnail preview of the file. Using the drop down menu, the user can change the thumbnail’s size and on the right side, (under page options) the user has the option to change the file’s name and then select the option of how it is to appear on the page.

Most of the times, the users use the Bounding Box that crops to illustration itself. This method eradicates the whole irrelevant white space plus all the elements found outside the Illustrator Artboard. For preventing the uneven edges, do look at the anti-aliasing.

Follows next is the process of ‘image/picture size’. The size might be smaller or larger as per the project’s requirements. It is obvious if the user selects the massive file size and resolution, the process might take a while to open. Do zero in the ‘Constrain Proportions’, or (else) the picture’s aspect ratio would be distorted utterly.

If the user finds the preview ‘not apt’, it is because of the reason of illustration’s falling outside the Illustrator artboard. If so, go back to the illustrator and make the adjustments of the picture/image or the dimensions of the artboard.

The new photoshop file would now be having the transparent background and emerge on a transparent layer. From this point, the user can now use the picture/image in composite. Use this as a mask or apply the photoshop filters to it or so on.

How to Open illustrator files in Photoshop

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