The coolest web design ideas for 2012 to understand

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Websites are no more a simple source of information and many people have added value to their business image with truly cool looking web designs. Today we find a plenty of websites which brings to our lips, “Wow! How did they do that?”

The web designing has shown some spectacular advancement in recent years but taking a closer look one can list down the functions which these websites have added as value addition.

Understanding the Coolest Web Design Ideas for 2012

Responsive Functions: Today we have web designs which are truly responsive. Despite the fact that responsive is somewhat a new concept and we may not witness much of it in 2012 but afterwards we see websites which are responsive.

Circles: Circles is one of the trendy web designs which denotes effects which can be completed with the help of CSS 3 feature with its ability to create some really fancy box effects to compelte against round corners and drop shadows desktop based effects.


New Menus: New Menus with multi column choices is another really good idea in web designing which are ideal for websites handling several links. The feature lets the onwners exploit the position of the core links at the top of the page.

Vector Art: mascots with the help of vector are really going to change the web experience though the big vector illustration work is rather a new concept and website creators are eager to shun the boring image of cyber world with the introduction of vector art.

HTML5 and iQuery: With the help of HTML 5 and jQuery, the developers are creating some really good animations appealing to the aesthetic sense of the users.

New Banner Graphics: The banner graphics are there proposing a variety of banner graphics which allow users to create bookmarks, banners and ribbons.

Slab Typefaces: Slab Typeface have gotten recognition for creating great web pages which have the ability to highlight a wonderful graphic. Although slab typefaces have been recently introduced in web design, they can help you to create a great web page, which highlights a wonderful graphic. Slab typefaces are helpful in getting user attention to a specific area of website.

One-Page Layout: One Page layout is another trend being followed these days despite the fact that it is helpful for personal web pages rather than corporate ones.


Deploying this function means removing the unnecessary lines from your text keeping in mind that most of the readers do not actually read but scan the content.

Infographics: Infographic is related to user experience rather than design of the website. The introduction of infographics has changed the new age media and consumers are now able to get ready made and handy information through these infographics.

Font Faces: You can change the CSS style through the use of Typekit tool which is meant for writing custom fonts and liberty for you to create new look for your website.

Oversized Headers/Logos: Oversized headers and logos are another way to impress your user but be sure that you do not use too much of them as they are meant for to draw attention to specific elements on website.

Hand-Drawn Designs: Hand drawn graphics are a plus for a website and by using hand drawn graphics you are sure of uniqueness of your creation.

Typography: New typographic trends are in nowadays but web designers are afraid of using these typography trends for the sake of usability of the website but you can still use these fonts to create a twist where needed modifying fonts as they fit to your purpose.

Simplicity Remains the Key: Simplicity is still the key to web designs as if your web site has more elements it will take more time to be downloaded which may leave your reader with the option of going somewhere else for the information.

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