Top 20 Apps Collection for Samsung Galaxy Tab

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After buying Samsung Galaxy Tab I was very excited to start it up and play with it but when after using it for couple of hours I was bit down. There are lots of things that I wanted to do like make Word Documents, use Twitter, get on Facebook etc and was unable to find a good app list out on the web. Therefore I decided I will post all the good apps that I have found so people with Samsung Galaxy Tab can relax as I am at the very moment. Enjoy the list below and share if you have good apps list or app that others can take benefit from.

1- Quickoffice Pro HD

Quickoffice Pro HD is a office suite that you can use for free to hook with Dropbox (Best cloud storage I experienced), Google Docs etc. The best feature other than creating, sharing and accessing Excel sheets, Word documents, Powerpoint presentation is speech recognition. Well this way if you are tired of typing than you can speak and leave the rest to this nifty application.

Quickoffice Pro HD

2- Electrum

Electrum is a Drum Machine/Sampler a very light app and affordable for the music lovers. If you want to become a singer, DJ or just want to create your own music than this app will rock your world. Features like, using samples and loops to make beats and songs, previewing samples live while playing they will mix into the beat, real time playback, editing, ability to record samples via microphone and many more will blow you away.

The drawback is the pads that you will see on your main screen are not designed to play in real time


3- Photo Warp

Photo Wrap as the name states this app can wrap any photo that a user takes also users can bend, distort or wrap the pictures. The key features of this tool are, Pinch and Bloat tool, Reconstruct Brush, Twirl and lastly the user can set the brush size and harness just like Photoshop.

Photo Warp

4- Barcode Scanner

With Barcode Scanner users can scan barcodes on products after scanning the app searches for the barcode and shows results of prices and reviews of that product. Other nifty features are share contacts via QR code, Scan data matrix and QR codes containing URLs and contact info.

 Barcode Scanner

5- Adobe Flash Player 11

Androids browsers are fully optimized for user experience with Adobe Flash Player 11 +. This is the big game changer as lots of other operating systems does not support Flash player. If you want to have great experience on web than this app is MUST HAVE.

Adobe Flash Player 11

6- Advanced Task Killer

After having your hands on Android everyone gets bit out of control and install many applications and get a slow response from their Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is where this powerful app comes in. Advanced Task Killer will help you to terminate such application that takes more memory or using lots of battery. Best features are Auto killing of specified applications, one tap widget and ignore list.

Advanced Task Killer

7- IMDb

IMDB is the largest database on the net if it comes to Movies and TV shows. This IMDb app comes with 1.5 million movie and TV titles and also have 3.2 million Celebrities, actresses and actors, directors credentials. With IMDb you can rate moves and TV shows, watch trailers and search for movies and cinema houses.


8- Tiny Flashlight

If you want to convert your Samsung Galaxy Tab camera to a flash light than this is the app you should try.

Tiny Flashlight

9- Gmail

Now with the power of android and screen of Samsung Galaxy Tab, Gmail experience is awesome. Do try this app and I am sure you will forget other tabs out there.


10- Galaxy Choice

Galaxy Choice is a application library of applications which recommends the best and must have applications for Samsung Galaxy series. This powerful app also allows the users to recommend the found good apps to their friends and also allows writing articles and webisodes about Android Apps. Must have application to find must have apps.

Galaxy Choice

11- Drawing Pad

If you love to draw and are looking for a great application for your Samsung Galaxy tab than this application will make you happy. It have all the drawing tools that you need unlike many other application that might had tried or will try. Very powerful application with many features.

Drawing Pad

12- Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio needs no introduction as it is considered to be most played game on net. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab than this is must have game app. The experience we had on the Tab was smooth and awesome. Do try it with you Samsung Tab.

Angry Birds Rio

13- Opera Mobile 11.5

Opera Mobile 11.5+ is an alternative browser for your Samsung Galaxy Tablet. If you need better functionality, better web experience and better speed than this is another must have application that you should have to on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Opera Mobile 11.5

14- TweetDeck

Tweet Deck is getting more and more famous day by day there for it was necessary to have an app for Android. It is a nifty tool developed to stay in touch with your social media activity at one place.


15- GO Launcher EX

Go Launcher Ex allows Android users to customize their look and feel via customzing home screen, applying thousands of personalized themes free downloadable, featured widgets, go task manager, Go Clock, sooth flipping experience etc.

GO Launcher EX

16- Skitch

Skitch used to be a Desktop application but now it made its way to Android device. This app allows you to annotate any image with multiple tools like shapes, text. Users can edit and save their photos as well, also Zoom, Crop tools make it more powerful app available for Android.


17- 3G Watchdog

3G Watchdog is another must have application for your Samsung Galaxy Tab. This application will allow you to track your usage of 3G connection. Very handy tool if you have 3G data plan.

3G Watchdog

18- Ubersocial

Ubersocial is a user friendly app for Android users which allows to livepreview content that is share over twitter without leaving the application. Many other features that will make your life easier to user Twitter.

Twidroyd Pro

19- Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant allows you to get your social media like Twitter, Facebook, emails, textmessages, calendars and rss feeds at one place.

Executive Assistant

20- Evernote

Evernote a very handy application for Galaxy Tablets that made it much easier to input your notes. Best suitable for study groups, recipes etc.



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