Top solutions to fix the problem of iPhone 4S battery life

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iPhone 4S users are presently experiencing battery life problems and Apple has started investigating these reported problems now. There exist a number of tips making rounds everywhere letting the people know how to extent the battery life on the iPhone but for this, you have to close some important functions on the iPhone 4S to get the battery life back. It has been seen that usually these battery life problems have been occurring because of specific bugs or corrupted files in the iPhone firmware and applications.

Apple is on way to fix the problem but in the midst, the users of the iPhone have to do something to overcome this issue of battery time. There exist many tips and tricks for this solution but they require you to switch off the many features. There emerged flood of reports about the shorter battery time of iPhone 4S.

Below are some tips, which can work to get rid of this issue, they can fix the problem.

Location Services Time Zone Bug

Do the following on your iPhone:

Navigate to Settings -> Location Services -> System Services -> Setting Time Zone -> OFF. Well, this feature is the one that constantly accesses the iPhone 4S location without any reason and ofcourse it drains the battery.

Location Services Time Zone Bug

iCloud Syncing

There are reports by the users that iCloud constantly tries syncing the date to remote servers thus this feature can slaughter the battery life. The turning off the iCloud contact syncing is better and can be done by navigation to settings -> iCloud. If the problem nonetheless stays the same then go on turning off or deleting the iCloud account.

iCloud Syncing apps

Siri’s Raise to Speak Feature

By going into the setting such as Under Settings -> General -> Siri, the users have the option to turn off the Raise to Speak feature. The possibility is there that the accelerometer is draining the battery and the problem is happening due to this, thus why to get your phone dead by using it…why not to turn it off.

Siri Raise

Location-based Reminders

Other problems which cause the battery to get drained is using the feature of location based reminder because the iPhone constantly keeps on checking the GPS location of iPhone for determining when to trigger the reminder.


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