Overheating leads to Toshiba Laptop Recall

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After HP and Sony, now Toshiba has also recalled around 41,000 laptops. Toshiba, HP and Sony currently face the common issue of overheating of their laptops. Toshiba laptops were recalled when over a 100 complaints of melting laptops due to over heating, were filed.

Experts believe that most of the major Laptop manufacturers are facing this problem in the status quo because of forcefully placing very high processor power in a small area. Due to this, the immense heat produced inside is not regulated in time, hence it causes melting of laptop casing.

Before Toshiba, Sony recalled almost half a million laptops in July. It faced the overheating issue in its famous and very popular Vaio Laptop model. HP immediately followed Sony and made the recall for HP laptop batteries.

Experts believe either the quality and control departments of these three companies are not working properly or they don’t have the right piece of technology to insert in a small box. By time technology will grow and we hope Toshiba and HP catches the competition by making more efficient and good quality laptops.

Apparently AMD and Apple are absolutely unaffected by these issues. They don’t need to recall their products like others because they are powering their machines with extremely developed and advanced processors.

Toshiba’s recall would lead to the return of three of Toshiba’s laptop models. They include Satellite T135, Satellite T135D and Satellite Pro 130. All of these models were in market for sale since August 2009. After looking into all complaints from the customers worldwide, Toshiba had to recall its laptops.

Along with the recall, company also asked its users to log on to their official website and download Bios Computer Software from there. Once they would install the new software, it would detect and tell the user that whether his/her laptop is having an overheating problem. Company also told its costumers that if they would have a problem they can contact the company for a free repair.


Toshiba Laptop Recall

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