Wix Horribly Great Online Website Builder

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If you find something as do it yourself website builder at the footer of a well known name in the world of website builders, chances are that you do not hesitate to click on the link and go to experience which is claimed being user friendly and powerfully built in Flash with total control and what not!!!

With the options to choose from a template or build your own from a scratch, sounds quite amazing when you find that you can use it by just dragging and dropping the required images and customizing it until you are satisfied with the color combination. After reading a nice Wix review you will understand more about the features.


You can enjoy all the features promised  but when it comes to link your already bought domain name to your Wix created website, the things go a bit complicated but it goes one step ahead of others by providing you video demonstrations as shown below for the process or with the rich content information with screen shots to make you easy to understand the process of setting a domain name purchased other than Wix.com and if you feel that you are not satisfied with the arrangements and options provided by Wix go to support to get real support on the issue.

This is a great website builder which has an impressive array of artistic templates. With integrated Photoshop features, you have the option to do more to your selected images. But when you get into the complexities of your own built website at Wix.com, you lose track of bigger picture of your website and this poses a greater threat for the end result.

Founded in 2005, Wix has well established itself among its genre of websites and today Wix.com is renowned name for website building without writing a single line of code (or even knowing what a code is).

The premium services are much better, as it is established that Wix.com treats its free customers with a free hand but respects its premium customers and indeed packages offered by Wix are pocket friendly.

There is but more to add, the greatest strength of Wix is its Flash and it becomes its greatest weakness when you find that you cannot build sites other than in Flash using Wix platform.



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