25 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes and Theme Frameworks

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If you were searching for WordPress themes created with well advance technology of HTML5 and CSS3, then you have come to the right place as today we have gathered for you a list of best and free of cost complete themes/blank themes and theme frameworks that you can use to create your own themes or websites.

1- Spectacular

This free Free WordPress theme provides a warm and pleasure able atmosphere for you.


Demo | Download

2- Temple Gate

Inspired by the spirituality and simplicity of Japanese Tample Gate, this them is good for expressing your simplicity.

Temple Gate

Demo | Download

3- HTML5 WordPress Shell

If you want to create WordPress themes using HTML5, then it is the right place for creating quick themes.

HTML5 WordPress Shell

Demo | Download

4- Free Dream

Free Dream is your dream comes true for WordPress themes.

Free Dream

Demo | Download

5- Busby

Busby is made in HTML5 and CSS3 and it is one of the best for personal sites.


Demo | Download

6- Yoko

Yoko a modern and flexible WordPress theme, with the responsive layout based on CSS3 media queries, the theme adjusts to different screen sizes.


Demo | Download

7- A HTML5 Theme

You may enjoy having this theme for your personal or commercial use.

A HTML5 Theme

Demo | Download

8- Grey

Grey is experienced enough to be used for any kind of blog.


Demo | Download

9- TwentyTen Five

Twenty Ten Five is the up graded version of WordPress Twenty Ten theme.

TwentyTen Five

Demo | Download

10- Euclides

Euclides is for those who write tutorials online.


Demo | Download

11- Roots Theme

Roots is for beginners who have just started using HTML5.
Roots Theme

Demo | Download

12- The Travel Theme

This is best available option for travel related websites.

The Travel Theme

Demo | Download

13- Constellation Theme

Constellation is best for any WordPress project with is flexibility.

Constellation Theme

Demo | Download

14- Handcrafted WP

Handcrafted WP is for those who do more than just building blogs.

Handcrafted WP

Demo | Download

15- PressWork

This free framework for WordPress 3.2 is best for all types of users.


Demo | Download

16- Whiteboard

WordPress themes need a repetition of code but white board is the solution.


Demo | Download

17- Bones

Bones is the result of years of editing and reuse. It is now have surfaced as a complete option for people want to enjoy the prowess of HTML5 and CSS.


Demo | Download

18- Starkers

Starkers from Elliot Jay Stocks, is best for designers and developers at the same time.


Demo | Download

19- HTML5 Reset

If you want to get your project off the ground then use HTML5 Reset.

HTML5 Reset

Demo | Download

20- Pagelines Platform

Platform is best drag and drop theme design framework for HTML5.

Pagelines Platform

Demo | Download

21- iTheme2

iTheme2 is renovation of iTheme which is considered best for technology and Mac related blogs.


Demo | Download

22- DailyPost

This interesting theme supports post format and presents different customization options.


Demo | Download

23- Codium Extend

Codium Extend is best for mobile devices.

Codium Extend

Demo | Download

24- Flexible

Flexible helps you to present content with different screen sizes.


Demo | Download

25- Skeleton

This theme is best for all modern desktop browsers and uses CSS3 for giving you fluid browsing experience.


Demo | Download

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